I’ve thought that color wheel activities can sometimes be boring for kids. They don’t really care about theories, they just want to get messy with paints. So the goal with this activity is to keep it short and fun.

Color Wheel Focus:

  • Primary colors are the most basic colors. No other colors can be mixed to make them.
  • The primary colors make up all the other colors.
  • First paint three circles using the primary colors.
  • Then mix the primary colors to make three new secondary colors.
  • Red + Yellow = Orange
  • Yellow + Blue = Green
  • Blue + Red = Purple


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  1. Nancy Holder

    Rob! Great job with the Color Wheel! I taught this very thing, recently, at Ft Hood for the soldier’s kids. I took white plastic plates and put 6 Sharpee circles on each them, then squirted a glob of the primary colors on 3 of the circles. Each child had been given a plate when I was ready for them, but they were not allowed to touch them until they had picked out their own brushes. I arranged the bottles of colors in a row in rainbow order and asked them the color names and if they knew why the (secondary) colors were in between the (primary) colors. I am VERY anmated so they REALLY are engaged, haha! One litte guy LOVES Art SO MUCH he was literally shaking with anticipation, haha! I have a LOT of cheap paintbrushes, so they got one for each color mix (I had them throw the used brushes in a bucket to wash later). I had them take 1/2 of each color and blend it with it’s neighbor in the circle that was in between them. After this, they were able to go to easels and create a picture. I TOLD them that if they wouldn’t stir them all together, they would have more colors to choose from, but of course the younger children mixed them anyways and learned from experience how to make brown and an entire brown painting, hah! The next week we did the same thing, but they got to use all 6 colors plus black and white. There were some GREAT paintings coming out of this project. The parents were very pleased. I was in Heaven, as always! (Though I put the parent’s chairs in a circle at the other end of the room, they invariable turn them all towards the class and watch the show, it’s AWESOME!!! ) Thank you for your dedication, I’m so proud of you for realizing you don’t want regrets about time spent with your kids, that’s so wise.

    • Rob

      Hey Nancy! Your comment means so much, thank you for taking the time share your project! That is such a cool idea, I love it. Seriously that is such a great idea, I like how you transitioned it into actually using those colors.

      Teaching kids about art is so much fun…and you’re doing it for our soldiers. Wow!

  2. Nancy Holder

    Oh, I meant to tell you that I am working with 2-5 yr olds and that is why I’ve kept it so fundamental, 1/4 of the classtime is simply introducing them, in a fun way, how to stay in their seats, and listen and follow directions. For many of them, this is their very first class and their parents get to see how well (or not so well) they do in a classroom setting. I do my best to NEVER fuss at them, but stay positive so they have a wonderful first experience.

    • Rob

      Haha, I know what you mean with 2-5 yr olds! :)

      That’s the exact range of my own (well the oldest is 6), the best is to make sure it’s FUN. Everything else in life is so serious, why can’t they have one thing that doesn’t have to be done “right” ;)


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