A digital art journal for kids is the perfect solution for any parent who feels guilty about throwing stuff away. Believe me, I’m the worst when it comes to this…especially when my kids create some kind of cute drawing. The only major problem with keeping every¬†drawing your kid creates, is space.

Reminiscing through saved pictures is fun, but sometimes it’s a pain. Our saved memories are never organized, and always stuffed in boxes piled up in our basement. Going through them requires diving through boxes.

Recently I created two new Tumblr sites for the specific purpose of archiving my kid’s art. So far I’m loving it, and the kids think it’s awesome too! They love looking at their own site after I post their pictures.

(Click the image below to Chucker’s Art Journal)

Smart phones make it easier:

If you have an iPhone or Android smart phone, download Tumblr’s app. It makes posting even easier, just snap a pic then hit publish. The app also works great with multiple Tumblr sites on one account. So, when Chuckers and Hads both draw pictures I can easily publish to their individual sites.

I chose Tumblr just for fun, but their are other services that work just as well. Blogger is another service that would work great, they also have cool mobile app.

Advantages to digital archiving:

  • It’s super quick.
  • You can archive anything (art, report cards, awards).
  • Save tons of space.
  • Protect from loss.
  • Easy to share with others.
  • Reminiscing does not involve “box diving.”

Disadvantages to digital archiving:

  • It’s still hard to throw away original artwork.
  • There is still a risk of losing digital files.
  • Third parties (Tumblr, Blogger) sometimes go out of business.
  • Still not sure about digital archiving? Here’s an alternative art journal for kids.

(Click the image below to see Had’s Art Journal)

  • Erin

    New to your site, love what I’ve seen so far. Thanks!! Have you heard of Artkive android app? I have it on my phone, but seeing this post is prompting me to really look at it again. You can print books too.

    • Rob

      Hi Erin!!!

      Glad you found us! Thanks for the kind words, and the awesome Artkive tip. I downloaded it and have started using it…love it so far.

      I’m planning to do a post on this app soon, along with other ways to digitally archive your kids work.

      Thanks again! Please stay in touch!


  • Melissa

    I really like the format for your kids’ art journal blogs…which one did you use?

    • Rob

      Hi Melissa, honestly we’ve been doing so much art and drawing that I’ve let this slide. I keep all the drawings still, but I haven’t been digitizing them. Your comment actually remotivated me to get this going again.

  • Sorry, I’ve set them to private and changed the address.