Instead of writing a Christmas wish list, how about drawing a list?

Art Project For Kids: Draw A Wish List To Santa!

This was just a simple idea I had for my kids. I thought instead of having my kids write out their wish list, I’d have them draw their list. I told them I thought Santa would appreciate their artistic talent, and that all the other letters would be written so theirs would really stand out!

All in all I found this was a great activity, because it evolves a subject they are personally obsessed with. You’ll be amazed, I’m sure, by the level of detail they include.

Below I made a little worksheet you could print and let your kids use. Or simply just let them draw on a blank sheet of paper.

Download & Print Draw A Wish List To Santa

Click the image below, then right click to save.

Free Download: Draw a wish list to Santa!

  • Shelby

    This is awesome! I’m going to pin this for my kids one day… But I better practice this year. Santa needs to know what I want!

    • Rob

      Ha, well I’m sure he would appreciate the heads up :)

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