You know it’s time to finger paint a fall tree when the leaves start changing outside! Have they started changing where you live? We’re planning to take a trip up the canyon this weekend. Usually the leaves change sooner up there before they do in the valley. Man, I can’t believe it’s already that time of year…what happened to summer?

Finger Paint A Fall Tree Materials

  • Fall color paints (we used Acrylic)
  • Paint paper
  • Paper towels (for wiping fingers)

Watch How To Finger Paint A Fall Tree

Finger Paint A Tree Download

Earlier this year I posted a downloadable PDF to finger paint leaves on. You can download the same PDF except use fall colors for the leaves!

Finger Paint A Tree Download

  • This is so cute! I might do this one by myself :) I can’t believe the leaves are changing either! Winter is coming too fast… NOOOOO!!!

    • Rob

      Haha, be sure to frame it!

      Please make summer last longer!!!

  • lala

    Hi, great website. I’ll try this with my 2 year old this weekend :) Thanks!

    • Rob

      Thanks Lala! Let me know how it goes!