How to draw a 3d box is just one post in a series of many we’re planning to do. One of the fun parts about drawing, is making things look 3d or real. Of course, on this site we’ll take it slow. Each one of these drawing lesson videos are really meant for younger kids.


  • Paper
  • Pen, pencil, marker, or crayon

How To Draw A 3D Box focus

  • Have your kids practice drawing a diamond shape
  • This is not a perspective lesson, so have your kids make the three vertical edges the same length.
  • After they’ve finished drawing the box, do something fun with it.
  • Practice…after they make one, see if they can make 3 more different size boxes.

If you’re having trouble watching the video here, watch How To Draw A 3D Box on YouTube!

  • TP

    Thanks for this easy to understand art lesson! I’m going to show this to my husband as an idea on spending time with our boys. A great alternative to video games!

    • Rob

      You’re so welcome!! Glad you’re enjoying the site.

      I enjoying playing video games with my kids too, but doing art together does seem to make more memories. At least for me :)

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, means a lot!

  • kanza

    draw a castle cake

    • Rob

      Whoa, that sounds cool. I’ll put it on our list of tutorials to do!

  • Hector 9 Alice 7 Oscar 4

    Hello Rob
    We all love drawing all yours and Checkers lovely things .We are all British but we live in the Netherlands .Could you draw us some Dutch things some time . We are really enjoying your excellent website and we hope you have a lovely easter holiday .
    Hector Alice and Oscar

    • Rob

      Hello Hector, Alice, and Oscar!

      Nice to meet you. The Netherlands is far way, we’re super glad you found us. We’d love to draw some Dutch things. I’ll put that on our request list and we’ll work on it.

      Hope you all have a great Easter too!


  • Rob @ ArtForKidsHub!

    I switched it back to public…though this is a really old lesson :) we need to probably redo it :)