How to draw a bat came as a request from Chuckers, my six year old. When I asked him what we should do next for Halloween, he yelled “Bat!” So here it is. Check back for a video soon.

How To Draw A Bat Step By Step

1. Draw a half circle, or a “U.” This is going to be the bottom of the bat’s body.

how to draw a bat step 1

2. Now draw two pointy ears, connected to the body.

how to draw a bat step 2

3. Now the fun part, draw an angry face. Try to make him as angry or scary as you possibly can.

how to draw a bat step 3

4. Next draw sharp teeth coming out of his mouth. Since he’s a bat be sure to draw two teeth longer than the others. This will make his fangs. Bats have to have fangs!

how to draw a bat step 4

5. Now draw two really big wings.

how to draw a bat step 5

6. The last step is making the folds in the bats wings. Do this by drawing three lines in each wing.

how to draw a bat step 6

You did it, you drew a scary bat for Halloween!

Bonus Idea

Draw lots of bats and cut them out! Then tape them all over your house. Now your house is decorated for the spooky season!

Download How To Draw A Bat!

To download the how to draw a bat steps for printing, click the image below then right click the image to save.

how to draw a bat

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  • Taquazia

    This is cool thank you so much I drew this pcture for my niece to show to her class for art class and they loved it.
    Thank you so much.
    I hope you draw more so we can keep on practicing.

  • Rob @ ArtForKidsHub!

    Sweet! :)

  • Alexthekid607

    Rob, How do I make my picture get on a video?

    • Rob @ ArtForKidsHub!

      You can always email us a photo of your drawing to