I thought girls were born knowing how to draw a butterfly. Not true, but my little girl loves them…so I thought I’d learn how and then teach her. There’s nothing wrong with a dad teaching his little girl how to draw a butterfly…right?

At any rate, we had fun. That’s what matters.


  • Paper
  • Pencil, pen, marker, or crayon

How To Draw A Butterfly Focus

  • Small body and giant wings make butterflies cuter…ya I said it
  • You can make this a counting exercise for really young kids
  • Ask how many circles they used when making the butterfly
  • Point out the hidden “3”

Next time we make another video I’ll be sure to give my kids a dark marker, instead of a pencil. It’s too hard to see in the video. If you watch the video in HD it’s easier to see her cute drawing.

If you’re having trouble watching the video here, watch How To Draw A Butterfly on YouTube!

  • Lesly

    this i soooo cute!!! when my daughter comes from school we are going to try and learn this together!!!

    • Rob

      Haha, thanks Lesly! I need to do more posts just for girls. Do you have any suggestions?

  • katie


  • alexis

    this is a awsome butterfly
    thank you

    • Rob

      No thank you :)

  • hey thank you for everything future career:artist

    • Rob

      Awe, you’re very welcome! I hope you become very famous :)

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  • Angla

    I need to know how to draw a baseball

  • Alexis

    I need to learn how to draw a fruit basket for my grandma