Yea, finally how to draw a dog! This one I’m still working with Hads on. It’s a bit harder for the really little artists, just because it has more steps. It’s always fun to practice though.


  • Paper
  • Pencil, marker, crayon

Watch How To Draw A Dog

If you’re having trouble watching the video here, watch it on YouTube!

Step By Step Instructions

1. First draw the dog’s nose by drawing two curved lines.

draw a dog step 1

2. Next draw the dog’s head using a circle around his nose.

draw a dog step 2

3. Next draw the dog’s face. Add eyes nose and the rest of his mouth.

draw a dog step 3

4. Now draw his two ears, and a little bit of fur.

draw a dog step 4

5. Draw his two front feet and legs.

draw a dog step 5

6. Now draw his belly with a diagonal line. Add the back of his legs, and also his back.

draw a dog step 6

7. Draw part of his back leg.

draw a dog step 7

8. Finish the back leg and his foot.

draw a dog step 8

9. Don’t forget his tail and the rest of his belly.

draw a dog step 9

10. Last add his collar.

draw a dog step 10

That’s it! You just drew the cutest dog on this planet, now all you need to do is name him.

Download And Print

To download the instructions click the image below then right click to save.

download how to draw a dog


  • James

    I love your “How to Draw a Dog!”
    Do you have a “how to Draw a Cat?”

    By the way,

    • Rob

      Hey I wonder if we’re related!

      Yes, we did a cat…it was a while ago though, and it’s a little more cartoony than the dog.

      How To Draw A Cat

      We should do another version that’s a bit more similar to the dog.

      Please stay in touch, it’s nice to meet you!

    • Kyndell

      You should draw a person

  • jessi

    dude, your dog is seriously cute and cool!

  • Kyndell

    I drew the dog for my theacher

  • Scooter

    You should draw a more realistic dog.

  • Lilly

    could you draw a dachshund

  • Raksheni Sivaneswaran

    could you do the coloring for the dog thanks

  • Grace

    This was cool but I have a question. Do you have a How to draw a Chihuahua, if you don’t it would be cool to see that one day.

  • Keely

    Hi Rob! Could you show me how to draw a black lab? Thanks! From Keely

  • Abby

    These were such great instructions on how to draw it! So easy too! I’m never good at drawing but this helped so much, it looks just like the picture of yours! thanks so much :)

    • Abby,

      You’re so welcome. I’m glad you’re practicing and that we are helping. Keep it up!


  • Keely

    Hi Rob its Keely again. could you show me how to draw a puppy

    • This one is a puppy, though he’s cartoonish. We may try to do a lesson that is more realistic. Thanks for writing!

  • Sara

    i changed my picture to a girl this is how it looks . Do u like it ?

    P.S boy’s picture looks funny

    • Yes we LOVE it! I love how you gave her a bow, dress, shoes and jewelry! Hads especially loves her. Great job, Sara!

      • Sara


        P.S i am only 8

  • Thanks for the fun idea, we always appreciate the suggestions. I’ll add it to our list!