It’s about time we did a (just for girls) how to draw a fairy, don’t you think? I know Had’s has been bugging me for it. Well if you’re keeping score on this site, the boys are probably winning. I’ll do better…but for the record, the “just for girl” posts are most likely going to be very simple. Hads is still very young and needs the extra simple attention :) I hope you guys don’t mind.

How To Draw A Fairy


  • Pencil, crayon, or marker
  • Paper

Watch How To Draw A Fairy

If you’re having trouble watching the video here, watch it on YouTube!

Step By Step

1. Draw a circle for the fairy’s head.

How To Draw A Fairy Step 1

2. Now draw a really happy face.

How To Draw A Fairy Step 2

3. Next draw two lines coming out of her cheeks, and a U-shape connecting them for her dress.

How To Draw A Fairy Step 3

4. Draw two more lines coming out of her cheeks (except these are aimed up), and connect them with a rainbow line. This is her hair. Also, draw an M-shape for her bow.

How To Draw A Fairy Step 4

5. Now draw two loops for her magical wings.

How To Draw A Fairy Step 5

6. Draw two lines at the bottom of her dress for legs, and two raindrops for her feet.

How To Draw A Fairy Step 6

7. Now draw two more lines coming out of her cheeks, for arms. Then add two circles, each on the end of her arms. This is a simple way to draw hands.

How To Draw A Fairy Step 7

8. Last, draw her pretty wand by drawing a line through her hand and a star on top.

How To Draw A Fairy Step 8

You did it! Now practice drawing another fairy for her friend.

Download & Print

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Download and print!

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  • HI Rob,I found this website out and its amazing my Daughter loves it because she likes to do Arts and crafts if you can please add an American girl doll,Elsa from Frozen, Anna and Sven, and of course Elsa’s Ice palace please if you can thanks rob very, very much p . s Your kids are good drawers rob so.. thasnks again If you can thanks Because she loves Frozen so much ok thanks rob.

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