Ok, this how to draw a horse is probably the hardest one we’ve done. Don’t worry it’s still fun! Personally, speaking for myself, if I had a choice to pick one thing to draw for rest of my life it would be horses. I don’t know why, I think it’s just because they’re such cool animals.


Typically we do cartoonish drawings, this one is a lot less cartoonish. Do your kids have a preference? Would they rather draw cartoon, realistic, or both (mix it up)?


  • Paper
  • Pencil, marker, or crayon

Watch How To Draw A Horse

If you’re having trouble watching the video here, watch it on YouTube!

How To Draw A Horse Step By Step

1. Start by drawing three circles, the middle one being the largest.

draw a horse step 1

2. Next draw the rest of the horse’s head.

draw a horse step 2

3. Then connect all the circles with curved lines. Draw the ears back. Next draw the rest of the horse’s face.

draw a horse step 3

4. Now draw the hair. It looks a lot like fire, because it’s blowing in the wind. Also, draw four smaller circles for the front leg joints.

draw a horse step 4

5. Connect the joints with lines, and add two hooves.

draw a horse step 5

6. Now draw three small circles for the back leg joints.

draw a horse step 6

7. Draw curved lines to connect the joints, and draw two back hooves.

draw a horse step 7

8. If you drew your horse with a pencil, erase some of the extra lines. Also, be sure to draw the horse’s tail.

draw a horse step 8

That’s it! This horse is probably one of the hardest things we’ve done. Don’t worry, just practice practice practice.

Download And Print

To download these step by step instructions click the image below, then right click to save.

download how to draw a horse for kids

  • Melani

    LIKE LIKE LIKE! Thank you ever so much!

    Melani and kids

  • Rob

    Thanks!!!!! Glad you liked it, we’ve got a dog coming up soon too :) Maybe next week though.

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  • Teresa

    Loved this! We did refer to the written instructions for the end. The Youtube version ends before the project is done, in case you weren’t aware. Thanks for a great project :)

    • Rob

      Oh no! I just watched the video and it played all the way through. Would you mind trying to refresh the page and seeing if the video still only plays part of it?

  • emma

    I like this website

    • Rob

      Thanks, glad you found us :)

  • Josh

    wooooooooooooow really loved it

  • Patricia

    Love what you are doing. Can just imagine how much fun my granddaughter and I will have as she proceeds in her art drawings. Thanks so much for sharing your gift!

  • Ramesh manu

    Thanks for sharing your brilliant ideas for kids. I really loved it .

    • Rob

      You’re welcome Ramesh! Thanks for the kind words, glad you’re enjoying the site.

  • i realy love this site it teaches me how to draw and when it teaches me i draw animals or whatever i take it to school and show my teacher mrs. hensley and if she will let me show it to the class and if they like it they will ask me to teach them how to draw the picture because one day when i am a grown up i will probably be an artist or a person that will know how to take care of animals thanks for putting this site for children to learn how to draw because i realy like to teach children how to draw things thanks in advance you are the nicest people i have ever known that would put this site on for kids thanks in advance again hope yo enjoyed what i said about you guys bye

  • Cayley

    Rob, “Thank you” just doesn’t even come close to accurate enough. Here’s the story: My 7 year old just finished watching “Spirit” for the 1 millionth time. Afterward, she was watching the special features, and there was one that was a tutorial on how to draw Spirit himself. So she got out her paper and pencils and tried to follow the artists. And tried. And tried. And tried. And tried….. she gave up in tears, completely brokenhearted. I explained that the man drawing is a grown up, and has been drawing for years and years and she’s just 7. I said, “I bet we could find a tutorial on youtube that would show kids how to draw a horse. Do you want to look right now, or just be done drawing for today?” She said, “Well, I guess we could just look for a little bit.” Yours was the first video we watched. She was soooo comforted by the fact that your son’s drawing did not look *exactly* like yours!!!! She is completely hooked. She asks to draw with you from the moment she wakes up until she goes to bed.
    I just can’t even explain how much I appreciate your channel and website. The sentiment of wanting to do something fun with your kids while they are young is noble enough. But… to share what you’re doing with the entire world through the internet??? And the method of having your child right there with you for my child watch, too???? Divinely inspired genius. I am astounded by your incredible generosity in sharing with us your time, your gifts, your laughter and fun….. “Thank you”…? Just doesn’t even come close. Yet it’s all this sometimes pathetic English language offers for the concept, so it’s all I’ve got. Thank you, Rob, thank you, Chuckers, thank you to the rest of your family. You are all incredible.

    • Rob

      Hi Cayley,

      Thank you, for such a kind comment. We absolutely LOVED reading this! It means the world to us (it really does), to know that we’ve helped. I wish I could say more back, but I have to agree with you that all I have is “thank you”.

      Please, tell your daughter that we love having her as a close art friend and that all of us say “HI!” We’d also love to do a special request for her, does she have a favorite animal we haven’t done yet?

      Best Art Friends,

      Rob and Kids

  • Maddie

    I have horses and this was a good picture. I was wondering if you had a realistic calf or foal. I really like this site.

  • Sarbjit

    Wow! At first my daughter thought she would never be able to draw a horse, but with this tutorial she was amazed how nice her horse came out. She loves unicorns so she just drew a little horn on the horse’s head, and was very happy. Thank you for these lovely drawing tutorials

  • Hannah

    Love the site! My teacher showed me this site for a school project and we had to draw something from here, and I was wondering if you had any other more realistic horse drawing tuttorials? Thanks Hannah

  • Preetha

    Dear Rob and family, Thank you so much for sharing all those wonderful art videos. My 7year old son, Rithvik was never fond of drawing. I tried many way of getting him into little art works but he would simply refuse. Then I came across your video of ‘Santa’! My son loves Santa and the moment he saw your video he wanted to try drawing. He has watched it sooo many times and kept on drawing Santa. Rithvik was elated when his classmates said his Santa is awesome! From someone who never wanted to draw , he is now getting compliments on his drawing. I cannot thank you enough. Now he tries drawing other things like the Robot, Parrot etc. He loves watching your videos and likes it that the children in them are also drawing like him.May God bless you and your family! Thank you.

    • Hi Preetha,

      Your story about your son made me smile! I love that he’s now enjoying drawing so much. Thank you, with all my heart, that you took the time to write. It means a lot! Thank you!

      Please, tell him to keep it up and that we all say HI!


  • Willow

    I am an animal lover, so your drawings are great to help my draw them the right way!

  • Awesome Hannah-rose! Keep up the great work!