It was Hads turn to pick the bug, of course she picked how to draw a ladybug! Drawing this ladybug with her, made me miss the summer. One of her favorite things to do, when it was warm, was catch ladybugs and let them crawl on her hands. Summer please come soon!

Watch How To Draw A Ladybug

Step By Step Instructions

1. First step, draw a circle for the ladybug’s body.

draw a ladybug step 1


2. Next draw a half circle for the ladybug’s head.

draw a ladybug step 2


3. Now draw two more smaller half circles for the eyes.

draw a ladybug step 3


4. Draw an upside-down “Y’ for the ladybug’s wings.

draw a ladybug step 4


5. Draw three lines on the right-side, these are legs.

draw a ladybug step 5


6. Draw three more lines on the left-side.

draw a ladybug step 6


7. Last, draw spots on the ladybug’s back.

draw a ladybug step 7

That’s it! Be sure to color in your ladybug when you’re done drawing it.

Download & Print

To download step by step instructions click the image then right click to save.

download how to draw a ladybug

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  1. annie

    i love the tutoial! i couldnt make it better myself. make more if you would please.


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