Ok, this how to draw a penguin was specifically for my little Hads. That’s why it may look extremely easy. Hads is three, so activities involving few steps and simple shapes seem perfect for her.


  • Marker, pencil, crayon
  • Paper

Watch How To Draw A Penguin


Step By Step Instructions

1. To draw the penguin first start by drawing a egg shape.

draw a penguin step 1

2. Next draw another egg shape inside of the first egg.

draw a penguin step 2

3. Now draw the penguin’s eyes.

draw a penguin step 3

4. Draw an upside down triangle for the beak.

draw a penguin step 4

5. Next add two feet.

draw a penguin step 5

6. And two arms.

draw a penguin step 6

7. Last, if this penguin is a girl add a bow on top of her head. If you’d like to make him a boy you could draw something else, like a baseball hat.

draw a penguin step 7

After finishing be sure to let your little artist finish this drawing with some coloring, or painting.

Download & Print

To download the free instructions click the image below, then right click to save.

download how to draw a penguin

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  • Valentina

    Ever since I discovered this website I love drawing
    And this penguin is so adorable
    Thanks for making this website!

    • Rob

      You are very welcome Valentina. Thank you, for your kind words. It’s really made my day, that you’re enjoying it so much.

  • Theresa

    Hi Rob & family,

    I teach 2nd grade and my class LOVES your “how-to” videos. Thank you for creating and sharing this wonderful experience for kids. We did the horse today to begin celebrating the Chinese New Year! Later this week, we will be doing the penguin. When we read Charlotte’s Web together we drew the spider as Charlotte. Thank you again!!! You guys rock!

    ~ Theresa :)

    • Rob

      Awe thanks Theresa! I’m so glad your students like the site so much. I should include ideas like you mentioned on how some of the lessons can apply to other activities. I love that idea!


  • jessi

    hi Rob,

    I personally like this e.g ” next add feet ” on the printables can you do this for harder drawings??


  • marinnna

    I love drawing with how is hats going

  • Ian

    Rob,you wrote bow instead of boy!

    • Rob

      You are so awesome Ian, thanks for catching that mistake!


  • Thank you! Don’t stop with that collection, keep making it bigger!

  • Cool! I’m so glad your 2 year old had fun too! :)