This how to draw a scarecrow was inspired by one of our best friends. He sent us a picture of a totally awesome scarecrow, that he drew all by himself. I asked his mom if it would be ok to make a video about it, and she said we could. Check out his awesome drawing!

So, we also wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! This will probably be our last fall post, because it’s now officially Christmas time…wahooo!

How To Draw A Scarecrow


  • Pencil, marker, or crayon
  • Paper

Watch How To Draw A Scarecrow

If you’re having trouble watching the video here, watch it on YouTube!

Step By Step

1. First draw a circle for the scarecrow’s head.

How To Draw A Scarecrow Step 1

2. Next draw his happy face.

How To Draw A Scarecrow Step 2

3. Now add stitches to his mouth to make his face look sewn own. Also, draw his shirt.

How To Draw A Scarecrow Step 3

4. Draw his cowboy hat next.

How To Draw A Scarecrow Step 4

5. Now add a collar and buttons to his shirt. Then add his pants.

How To Draw A Scarecrow Step 5

6. Next add his arms and sticks.

How To Draw A Scarecrow Step 6

7. Draw hay coming out of his sleeves and pants. This will look like hands and feet.

How To Draw A Scarecrow Step 7

8. Last, and patches to his clothes so they look old.

How To Draw A Scarecrow Step 8

Download & Print

To download and print your own copy, click the image below then right click to save.

Download and print step by steps

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  • Crystal

    This scarecrow is so adorable!! I’m using it in a K-2nd art class in a homeschool co-op. Thank you so much for providing all of these amazing resources for free!!

    • Rob

      Awe thanks, Crystal! We have our little friend to thank, he’s the one who drew it first :)

      So glad you’re using it in your homeschooling co-op…please tell us how it goes. I’d love to know if they found it easy enough to do.