Today we’re kicking off the Fall season with how to draw a scarecrow. This art project is easy enough for younger artists but still fun for the older ones. Remember, if and when we go to fast you can always pause the video to catch up.


All you need is something to draw and color with and paper. We used a Sharpie to draw with, but you can use pencil. We also used Pentel’s oil pastels for coloring, but you can use markers or crayons.

We’ve drawn a scarecrow before, but thought it would be fun to draw and color again. Below you’ll find the steps to the previous version.

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Watch How To Draw A Scarecrow

Plus, check out this drawing from one of our coolest art friends!

Step By Step

1. First draw a circle for the scarecrow’s head.

How To Draw A Scarecrow Step 1

2. Next draw his happy face.

How To Draw A Scarecrow Step 2

3. Now add stitches to his mouth to make his face look sewn own. Also, draw his shirt.

How To Draw A Scarecrow Step 3

4. Draw his cowboy hat next.

How To Draw A Scarecrow Step 4

5. Now add a collar and buttons to his shirt. Then add his pants.

How To Draw A Scarecrow Step 5

6. Next add his arms and sticks.

How To Draw A Scarecrow Step 6

7. Draw hay coming out of his sleeves and pants. This will look like hands and feet.

How To Draw A Scarecrow Step 7

8. Last, and patches to his clothes so they look old.

How To Draw A Scarecrow Step 8

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  • Crystal

    This scarecrow is so adorable!! I’m using it in a K-2nd art class in a homeschool co-op. Thank you so much for providing all of these amazing resources for free!!

    • Rob

      Awe thanks, Crystal! We have our little friend to thank, he’s the one who drew it first :)

      So glad you’re using it in your homeschooling co-op…please tell us how it goes. I’d love to know if they found it easy enough to do.