It just snowed last night, so we learned how to draw a snowman. Of course, after drawing one we actually had to learn how to make a real one. The first snow fall of the year is always the best!

Watch How To Draw A Snowman

If you’re having trouble watching the video here, watch How To Draw A Snowman on YouTube.


  • Pencil, marker, or crayon
  • Paper

Step by Step

1. First draw a snowball and the ground. This will be the biggest snowball.

How To Draw A Snowman Step 1

2. Now draw the second snowball on top of the first. This one is a little smaller.

How To Draw A Snowman Step 2

3. Next draw the third snowball. This is the smallest, and will be his head.

How To Draw A Snowman Step 3

4. Draw his face by adding two dark circles for his eyes, and four circles for his mouth. Then add three circles for this coat.

How To Draw A Snowman Step 4

5. Now draw a carrot for his nose.

How To Draw A Snowman Step 5

6. Then draw a part of his Santa hat, and a scarf around his neck.

How To Draw A Snowman Step 6

7. Add the rest of his Santa hat, and stripes on his scarf.

How To Draw A Snowman Step 7

8. Last, and sticks for both arms. Add two extra lines, at the end, for his fingers.

How To Draw A Snowman Step 8

This snowman is all ready for a snowball fight!

Download & Print

If you’d like to download and print these easy step by step instructions, click the image below and right click to save.

  • Trish

    Another awesome video. My son thinks your daughter is hilarious and that these videos are funny:) Thanks! Can’t wait to make snowmen of our own.

    • Rob

      Thanks Trish! Glad we can make him smile :) Hads is crack-up even off camera! We love her.

      Be sure to send us a snowman picture when you’re done. We’d love to see what he comes up with!

  • i love your drawings and hads and chuckers are so adorable

  • Shari May

    Hi tried to sign for emails but its not giving me a submit button? I am using an ipad mini but please sign me up. What a confidence builder you gave him after being able to draw a lion!
    Thx Shari

    • Rob

      Hey Shari!

      So sorry about the difficulty in subscribing. I just added you to the list.

      I’m really glad the site helped!

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  • Taisha

    I really love following your tutorials they are so understandable and very adorable

  • That would be a lot of fun, thanks!