We recently went to the dinosuar museum, so it made a perfect segway into how to draw a T-Rex. What’s your kid’s favorite dinosaur? When we do another how to draw, what dinosaur should we do next?

Watch How To Draw A T-Rex

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Step by Step

1. Start by drawing to s-curves that touch at one end. This is the beginning of his mouth.


2. Next draw a curved line up to complete the bottom part of his mouth.


3. Draw zig zag lines for the T-Rex’s sharp teeth.


4. Now draw his tongue and darken in the back part of his mouth.


5. Then draw a curved line for the top and bottom part of the T-Rex’s head.


6. Next draw his eyes and nostrils.


7. Then draw his body and one upper arm.


8. Finish his body, add on hind leg and draw the other upper arm.


9. Draw his second hind leg.


10. Add a long pointy tail and draw his belly line.


11. Last, add texture to his skin so he looks more like a lizard.


I know this is a lot more steps then we usually do for a drawing, but this is also a more detailed drawing then we usually do. You may find that this drawing is better suited for older kids.

Download and Print

Would you like to download the instructions for free and print them? Click the image below then right click to save.

download how to draw a t-rex

  • Leonard

    I loved the final product I am 13 and a was bored so this turned out awesome thank you for putting this page online

    • Rob

      Hi Leonard!

      Glad you liked drawing the T-Rex we’ll have more dinosaurs soon!

  • I found your site a few months ago…. and loved how you easily show kids how to draw. I use your clips to show my daughter…. And I’m so greatful that you now have a dinosaur one! I will definitely incorporate this into my daughters dinosaur club…. Thanks!

    • Rob

      Hi Danielle! Thanks for your kind words! It means a lot :) I went to your Dino Club site and loved it, what cool idea!

      We’ll plan to do a bunch more dinosaurs soon!

      Stay in touch :)

  • :) Since you plan on drawing more dinosaurs….. My daughter has a request if possible… She would like a Dilophosaurus… one that looks realistic and 3D… :) ~~~ Around October… I planned on showing the club your steps on how to draw…and then the 4 shapes with the shading…. and was hoping from that…. we could figure out a 3D dinosaur image… The club ranges from 4 years of age up to 10 years old…. So I try to have a variety to entertain all…. (I’d appreciate your help…..) :)

  • Hui

    Hi, there,

    Great, wonderful, gorgeous, and… and.. and…ok, nice work! I am lucky that I found your website. My daughters and I both enjoyed learning drawing from you and the other kids:) It IS fun! Thank you for your time!

    There is one thought popped out of my mind: is it possible that we, the readers, could have our own gallery @ art for kids to show up what we learned from the lesson? ;)

    I know it will be more work for you if we do so, heehee;)



    • Rob

      Hi Hui!

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I love your idea about the gallery! I used to have one, but it took forever to load, so I did away with it and have been looking for a better solution. I’ve been posting photos people send me, to our Facebook page. That seems to work well.

      I will work on getting something that works, because I would love to still offer that. I think the kids loved seeing their art on our website.

      Please stay in touch, so glad you found us!


  • Hi Rob and Chuckers

    We’re loving all the new tutorials over here in Italy! Elvis (6) was thrilled to see the T-Rex and has drawn it about ten times. Always looking forward to more. Thanks Deb and Elvis

    • Rob

      Hi Deborah!!!

      Thanks for leaving a note for us, your kind words mean a lot. Our next post will be going up tomorrow, it’s how to draw Pterodactyl. Hopefully he’ll like that one too :)

      Please tell Elvis hi for!



    • Would you teach me how to draw a acrocanthosaurus. Or maybe something like that.

  • We can’t wait, will do.

  • Scott

    All i would like to say is i think its amazing what you do with your kids and for the families and kids out there who benefit from your love for your family and love for art keep it up and i wish you all the luck in the world you are inspirational people!!!!

    • Rob

      Hey Scott,

      Thank you so much for your nice comment! It means the world, seriously, thank you! It’s people like you that keeps us going :)

      Best Regards,


  • Nick Moore

    I think it’s really cool you guys like to draw and make art so much I wish my family was more like yours!

    • Rob

      Thanks Nick, you should just take the lead and invite your family to draw with you.

  • Amy

    Hi Rob and Chukers!
    My 5 year old son drew an AMAZING T-Rex with your instruction. After that he drew everything else on the site. Thank you for making this available! He has a few drawing requests: an airplane, sports car, submarine, and construction trucks. But today, especially an airplane:). Have a great day!

    • Rob

      Hey Amy!

      It’s so nice to meet you online! That’s fun to hear about your 5 year old, I’m so glad he’s been enjoying the site. I will put each of those requests on our list. It does take us a bit to move requests through, but we will get to them. My kids are going to love these too! Thank you so much, for writing!


  • This is my 5-years-old’s favorite. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and wonderful works. I have been telling every parent I know about your awesome site.

    • Rob

      Hi Kiki, it’s nice to meet you! Thank you so much for spreading the word about us. It really does mean a lot. I’m so glad your kid loves the T-Rex too!

  • Tina

    Hi Rob,
    This is a fabulous site! I know these are drawing instructions meant for kids, but this T-Rex one was a great help to me, an adult, in drawing one quickly for my 3-year-old son last night. (The T-Rex has been a fascination these past few days after watching “Land Before TIme”).
    This morning, he was asking, “Where’s the dinosaur map? Where’s the dinosaur map?” – he was looking for the instructions I had printed out on how to draw a T-Rex. I found it for him and he took it with him to the kitchen table to examine while eating his breakfast.
    It looks like your site has instructions for many things my son is interested in – and eventually I can see him using this site himself when he is older! In the meantime, it’s very useful to me as parent to be able to produce quick and better drawings of what he requests.
    Thank you! This is a great creation for young children (and their parents).

    • Rob

      Awe thanks so much Tina for this kind comment. It means the world to me to know that you’ve been finding the site useful, as a parent. I absolutely love the idea that you use the site to draw pictures for your 3 year-old. Completely love that!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write!


  • bertha

    My sons like velociraptor and the pachyrhinosaurus. Thanks

  • Myriam

    I am a MOM of 3 toddlers and I usually tell everybody I can’t even draw a heart and I was surprised how my TRex turned out. I looks great!!!! My kids always ask me to draw different things for them and I always tell the “Mom can’t draw”. I will never say this again. Thanks!!!!!

    • Rob

      That’s so awesome Myrian, I’m so glad your TRex turned out…it’s such a great feeling :) Glad you found us and having fun drawing for your kids!!! Never say you can’t :)

  • The H Kids

    The T rex was a blast thanks Rob and Chuckers.

    The H Kids

  • Keara

    thanks it looks great :D

  • Ethan Healy

    Mr. Rob, you are AWESOME ! :)

  • Ethan Healy

    I drew 7 of your dinosaurs. My parents said that they look great !

  • Ethan Healy

    Mr. Rob = Great drawer