Thanksgiving is just around the corner, do your kids know how to draw a Turkey? It’s super easy!

These instructions were easy for my 6 year old, but a little difficult for my 3 year old. But that didn’t stop her from trying! She actually did a really good job.


  • Paper
  • Pencil, crayon, or marker

Watch How To Draw A Turkey

If you’re having trouble watching the video here, watch How To Draw A Turkey on YouTube!

How To Draw A Turkey Step By Step

1. Draw a small circle for the turkey’s head. Also, draw two curly lines for his neck.

How To Draw A Turkey Step1

2. Next add a triangle for his beak, an eye, and a raindrop shape for his wattle. What’s a wattle, you ask? I have no idea, but I know turkeys have them.

How To Draw A Turkey Step2

3. Draw a big round oval for his body. The fatter you make your turkey the better he’ll look :)

How To Draw A Turkey Step3

4. Now draw a rainbow shape for his tail feathers. Be sure to connect the shape at the bottom.

How To Draw A Turkey Step4

5. Next add a bunch of small feathers close to his body.

How To Draw A Turkey Step5

6. Then add many straight lines for his long tail feathers. Also, add two wings.

How To Draw A Turkey Step6

7. Last, add his legs and two feet. His feet are made up of two long toes in front and one short toe in back.

How To Draw A Turkey Step7

Great job, you drew a Turkey! Doesn’t he look tasty?

 Download & Print

To download and print your own copy, click the image below and right click to save.

Download How To Draw A Turkey

Be sure to take photos of your kids art and submit them to our new gallery!

  • Yay for Thanksgiving tutorials! What a cute turkey!

    • Rob

      Haha thanks Shelby! I way excited for Thanksgiving…mmmm, mashed potatoes…

      • I loved your tutorial
        Can you draw a Christmas tree

      • Can you draw a Christmas tree for Christmas please

  • Love this!!! Will do it tomorrow with my kids! Thanks!
    (Love the little hands in the video :) )

    • Rob

      Thanks Lori!

      Let us know how it goes.

      Kind Regards,

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  • Honchkrow

    Hahaha, i love your drawings! They’re so cute!
    And this helped me a lot since i can’t draw wings/bird feet very well.

    • Rob

      Thanks for your kind words, we’re glad it helped out!!

      • I love the drawings.

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  • Tia Byrne

    Thanks for showing us how to draw a turkey and it’s good to know how to draw a turkey and really fun I would draw them all day.

  • Teresa

    Thanks so much! I was looking for something to do with my new “Drawing Club” students (3rd-5th) and this is perfect for the Friday before Thanksgiving!!!!!

    • Hi Teresa, glad this worked out for them! How did the project turn out? Did the kids have fun?

  • Yvonne

    I stumbled on your “turkey tutorial” video on Pinterest. It broke down the steps, perfectly! I’m using it my classroom so the kids can take it home & complete it and then hang it up, (for the holiday) when they’re done.

    • Hi Yvonne! I’m so glad the kids your class did this for Thanksgiving. How did they turn out?

  • nella

    at first it was hard but then i got the hang of it. Awesome

  • nella

    really thought the kids turkeys were great

  • brooke

    i had to make three of theese one for my nana one for my mom and one for my uncle

  • Thanks Mia!

  • Thank you so much!