How to draw a vampire for kids!

We’re so excited for Halloween, it’s one of our favorite seasons of the year. No better way to start it off than a drawing of the count! We’re going to be doing a lot more Halloween activities, so be sure to check back.


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Watch How To Draw A Vampire

Below, you’ll find step by steps to an older lesson we did a while back! It’s also a fun lesson but a lot more cartoonish.


How To Draw A Vampire Step By Step

1. Frist draw his head, it’ll look a bit like a jellybean. Also, draw his body.

How To Draw A Vampire Step 1

2. Next draw his scary face. Add to small eyes, and to mad eyebrows. Also, draw his mouth open.

How To Draw A Vampire Step 2

3. Now draw his hair. It’ll have a point right in the middle of his forehead. Then draw his sharp teeth, be sure to make his fangs bigger than the rest of his teeth.

How To Draw A Vampire Step 3

4. Now color his hair in black, add wings, and his legs.

How To Draw A Vampire Step 4

5. Draw is two feet by adding ovals. You can also draw the bottom of one shoe.

How To Draw A Vampire Step 5

6. Next draw one of his arms, it’s holding a wing, so you’ll need to erase some of the wing.

How To Draw A Vampire Step 6

7. Last step, don’t forget his clothes! Vampires dress nice, so add a bow-tie. Then add his pants, and a couple buttons.

How To Draw A Vampire Step 7

You did it! Great job, you drew a scary vampire!

Also, always feel free to take pictures of your kids drawings and share them on our Art for Kids Facebook page.