Ok this how to draw a zombie may be my favorite “how to draw” so far. Maybe it’s because I like zombies, or maybe it’s because it reminds me of my oldest kid, Chuckers, when he was 2. I taught him how to put his arms out, walk slow, moan, and roll his eyes…it was cute, and always made us laugh.

Anyways, I hope your kids enjoy this one too :)

How To Draw A Zombie Step By Step

1. Draw a circle for the zombie’s head, and a raindrop shape for his body. Be sure his body is curved, most zombies walk with a hunched back.

how to draw a zombie step 1

2. Next draw his spooky face.

Keys to a spooky face:

  • Eyes with no pupils (or the dark center).
  • One eye bigger than the other.
  • Crazy teeth.
  • Mouth open.

how to draw a zombie step 2

3. Now draw his hair. Make it spiky and messy.

how to draw a zombie step 3

4. Next color in his hair and mouth with either black or a dark color.

how to draw a zombie step 4

5. Draw four bent lines for you zombie’s arms and legs. Make sure to draw his arms out in front of him. Zombies like to keep them out so they can easily grab some one.

how to draw a zombie step 5

6. Now add two circles for his hands. Draw the circles so the arms connect at the top. This makes it look like his hands are hanging. Also, draw two flat raindrop shapes for his feet.

how to draw a zombie step 6

7. Last, draw a zig-zag line for the bottom of his torn shirt. Also, draw his torn shirt sleeves. Zombies never wear nice clothes!

how to draw a zombie step 7

Good job, you drew a zombie! Be sure you draw a hundred more next to this one. Zombies always travel in packs.

Download How To Draw A Zombie

If you’d like to download a copy of these steps and print them out, click the image below then right click to save.

print a copy of how to draw a zombie