Chuckers asked for something super cool, so here’s how to draw an eagle! This one is a little more difficult because of the “mysterious” lines, as Chuckers put it in the video, but a little practice can go a long way.

Watch How To Draw An Eagle

If you’re having trouble watching the video here, watch it on YouTube!

Step By Step

1. Draw the first “mysterious” line, for the top of the eagle’s head.

Draw an eagle step 1

2. Draw another hooked line for the eagle’s beak.

Draw an eagle step 2

3. Now draw a zig-zag line for the feathers on the back of his head.

Draw an eagle step 3

4. Next draw another hooked line for the mouth.

Draw an eagle step 4

5. Finish the eagle’s beak and add an “s” line for his eyebrow.

Draw an eagle step 5

6. Now draw his nostril and eye, be sure to add a light catcher to the eye.

Draw an eagle step 6

7. Draw big zig-zags for the eagle’s feathers on the bottom of his head.

Draw an eagle step 7

8. Last, add more zig-zags for more feathers.

Draw an eagle step 8

That’s one tough looking eagle!

Download & Print

To download these instructions, click the How To Draw An Eagle image below then right click to save.

Download how to draw an eagle

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    • Rob

      Hi Jacob and Anna,

      Hope you’re doing well!

      Superman would be awesome, we’ll get working on a lesson for that. Thanks for the suggestion!


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