How to draw an owl is another request from one of our AFK friends. We love hearing from you and your kids. Please feel free to keep the requests coming.

Also, stay tuned because we’ve made a huge list for Halloween…can you believe it’s just right around the corner?

Update: Check the bottom of this post to see how Mrs. Gilman’s 3rd graders drew owls!

Watch How To Draw An Owl

If you’re having trouble watching the video here, watch it on YouTube!

Step By Step

1. First draw two Ws, these are going to be the owl’s talons.

how to draw an owl step 1

2. Next draw four curved lines, connecting each W.

how to draw an owl step 2

3. Next draw the branch that the owl is perched on.

how to draw an owl step 3

4. Next draw a large curved V.

how to draw an owl step 4

5.  Now draw the top of the owl and his ears.

how to draw an owl step 5

6. Draw his eyes and another curved V for his eye brows and beak.

how to draw an owl step 6

7. Draw two curved lines under his eyes.

how to draw an owl step 7

8. Now draw a zig zag U for the feathers on his belly.

how to draw an owl step 8

9. Now draw straight lines for his tail feathers.

how to draw an owl step 9

10. Last, draw a zig zag line on his forehead and little Us on his belly.

how to draw an owl step 10

Great job you finished your first owl!

 Download & Print

If you’d like to download this free owl printable, click the image below then right click to save.

download how to draw an owl


Here’s a couple photos from Mrs. Gilman’s 3rd graders at St. Margaret Mary in Nebraska! These guys are awesome! We love how they colored and painted.



21 Responses

  1. Ashley

    Hi! I just found your website, and I’m so impressed by it. Your drawing section is just like the books I rented at my library when I was a kid!

    I actually just wrote about your website on my blog, showing your drawing tutorials for a Halloween-related post. You can see it here:

    Thanks for making such fun art projects for kids (and parents alike)! I don’t have kids yet, but when I do I can’t wait to do these projects with them!

    • Rob

      Hey Ashley!
      You are super awesome, thanks so much for writing about us. You’re post made me smile. You and I are cut out of the same piece of white paper, I loved checking out the how to draw books at my school library. When everyone else was checking out the “choose your own adventure series” I was getting all the drawing books I could possibly carry :) LOL
      Glad you found us, please stay in touch!

  2. Melinda

    Hi Rob!

    Love your site! It is easy to use and inspires creativity. I did your owls with 4th graders last week on black paper with colored pencils. They turned out great! At first the kids weren’t sure they could draw their own owls. Your instructions made it so easy for them and you could see their confidence grow in their ability to draw. I suspect their teacher will see owls popping up on their assignments now. Thank-you for sharing your talent with all of us!


    • Rob

      Hey Melinda,

      What a cool way to do the owl project! Glad they turned out too :) It is an awesome feeling to watch kids succeed and see their confidence grow, isn’t it?

      I’m so glad we were able to help out. Thanks for taking the time to say hi! Please stay in touch, too.


  3. avi

    Hi Rob,

    Your drawings are very impressing. I loved your owl. You are an amazing drawer and you draw like a professional artist.


  4. Austin

    hi rob i am a really big fan if by any chance for one of your videos could you draw Master Chief he is a guy from halo 4

    • Rob

      Hi Austin! Thanks for leaving a comment. That would be a lot of fun to draw Master Chief, I’ll put it on our request list…and hopefully get to it soon.

  5. gardman

    Nice owl, how do you know all the proportions and stuff? is it bacause off all the drawing books you checked out?

  6. Lori

    Hi Rob,
    I stumbled upon your website when I was looking for simple instructions for my first grade class to draw an owl for the cover of their research reports. I must say that I feel like I hit the “jackpot”! I can’t say enough about these simple tutorials that you along with your children demonstrate. Your tone and patience while teaching your children is very reassuring and the directions are so clear. The owls turned out amazing and my kids were so proud of themselves. My first graders along with all the staff here at my school are “hooked”. Your videos helped us get through the last three days of school “make up snow days” as my kiddos were so engaged drawing crabs, lizards and minions. They wrote about their drawings and proudly took them home. Looking through your archive I can’t wait to include these in my lessons next year! Thank you!


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