I had to make a how to draw Batman, because I love the movies. And, even though the movie is a bit much for my 6 year old…he still thinks Batman is awesome! So, these instructions are really meant for younger kids…but any age can enjoy them ;)

The important part about drawing Batman, is his mask. So, even though this is a cartoon version of him…you can still tell it’s him because of the mask.

How To Draw Batman

Step 1: Draw a circle for his head. Then draw a jelly bean like body, and an “M” for his mask!

how to draw Batman step 1

Step 2: Next add his ears, eyes, and mouth. I made his eyes look angry, and his mouth crazy.

how to draw Batman step 2

Step 3: Now add his arms, hands, legs, and feet. If you draw them like this, he’ll look like he’s running right at you!

how to draw Batman step 3

Step 4: Next add spikes to Batman’s arms. These spikes are on his gloves, they make him look cool.

how to draw Batman step 4

Step 5: Now for his cape. Draw two lines coming down from his neck, and connect them at the bottom with three upside down “U”s.

how to draw Batman step 5

Step 6: Finally add a bat shape to his chest.

how to draw Batman step 6

That’s it, you’re done drawing Batman! Now try drawing him again, but draw him doing different things…maybe punching something, or even driving his Batmobile.

Download and print How To Draw Batman!

Click to download How To Draw Batman PDF!

Or, click the image below then save it to print a jpeg.

Download how to draw Batman

  • We love this! My 10 year old son and 8 year old daughter have been drawing and GIDDY about this newly discovered site! Thank you Rob. You are inspiring young artists in California!

    • Rob

      Amie! That’s so cool! I’m glad you found the site, and they’re loving it! Let me know if they have any requests :)

  • Marla

    WHAT AN AWESOME SITE!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your talents!! My kids are loving this and we’ll be drawing all day!

    • Rob


      Thanks so much, I’m glad you found us :)

      Please feel free to post photos of your kids art on our Facebook page. My kids would love to see what they do!

  • Gaby Peralta

    hi Rob i wanna ask that if you,can draw a LIGHTNING MCQUEEN and MATER.. I dont know if your going to asner but just reply me THX.!

    • Rob

      Awesome suggestion, I’ll put it on our request list! Thanks for commenting :)

  • Owen

    Hi Rob! Its Owen. I was wondering if you could draw Wario. I am UPSESD WITH MARIO BROS. :D

    • Owen

      Hi Rob! I loved how to draw Batman! This has nothing to do with Batman. Don’t pay any attention to my first coment. I was wondering if you could draw Wario from Mario bros.

  • Ooooh that would be fun!