One of our best friends requested that we make a How To Draw Black Widow, so here she is. Black Widow is one of the characters in the Avengers. And I’m still kicking myself that I haven’t gone and seen it yet…am I crazy?

Anyways…when you draw Black Widow, you have to draw her doing an awesome kick. So here she is not only doing an awesome kick, but jumping through the air!

How To Draw Black Widow Steps:

1. Draw a circle for her head. Then draw a “U” for her body.

2. Next draw pretty hair. Be sure to color it red too!

3. Next draw eyes. Also draw eyelashes, nose, and a mouth.

4. Now draw her arms, hands, legs, and feet. Add rectangle shapes to her hands to make gloves. Also, add spikes to her feet to make heels on her boots.

5. Last, draw her Black Widow sign. This is the same shape that can be found on a real Black Widow spider.

Download How To Draw Black Widow:

Click to download How To Draw Black Widow PDF.

Click the image below to download How To Draw Black Widow jpg.

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