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How to draw Mr. Potato Head is a great exercise on drawing faces. Which makes it a perfect intro into drawing people, especially for the younger artists (as strange as that may sound). Seriously though, it’s a great starting place.

Mr. Potato Head is also easily recognizable. Which means your kids, most likely, will be very familiar with the shapes. In my opinion drawing something they know versus something they don’t is easier. With that said, kids who are just starting out should draw things they are extremely familiar with first. Then as they develop, challenge them to draw things that are not so common.

Additional Fun Links

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Art Materials

  • Paper
  • Pen, pencil, marker, or crayon

Watch How To Draw Mr. Potato Head

Can’t see the video hear, watch it on YouTube!

Step By Step

1. Start out by drawing the potato shape, which is very similar to a pear.

step 1

2. Next draw his eyes.

step 2

3. Now draw a curved line for his hat, an upside down (curved) V, and a smaller U for his nose.

step 3

4. Finish his hat, then draw two curved lines to complete his nose.

step 4

5. Next draw two more curved lines to begin his mustache, and four curved lines to start his shoes.

step 5

6. Then finish his mustache and shoes.

step 6

7. Draw a U line for his mouth.

step 7

8. Add four squiggly lines, two for each arm. Also, draw his teeth.

step 8

9. Draw an oval at the end of each arm. Draw two Cs, one for each ear.

step 9

10. Last, draw his hands and finish his shoes.

step 10

Awesome, that’s one fine lookin’ spud! Now try drawing another Mr. Potato but draw a different face and even change what his arms are doing.

Download & Print

Click the image below then right click to download the free printable.

Download how to draw Mr. Potato Head

  • This was really helpful! You should do a Mrs. Potato Head!

    • Rob

      Glad it helped! I’ll put it on our list :)