It’s time to start this Christmas season off right, with a fun how to draw Santa video! We took our kids to see Santa on Saturday, they loved it! I was shocked too, because I thought Hads would be scared for sure. Nope! She did awesome, and even asked him for a dolly. It made me proud. 

I hope this holiday season, for each of you, is filled with joy! Remember to take lots of video and pictures of all your kids. They’ll thank you later!

How to draw Santa video, and free download!


  • Pencil, crayon, or marker
  • Paper

Watch How To Draw Santa

If you’re having trouble watching the video here, watch it on YouTube!

Step By Step

1. First draw a big U-shape for Santa’s beard.

How To Draw Santa Step 1

2. Next draw Santa’s smiling face.

How To Draw Santa Step 2

3. Now add his round jolly body.

How To Draw Santa Step 3

4. Next add his hat. We drew it blowing in the wind, because he’s running.

How To Draw Santa Step 4

5. Now add two bent lines for each of his arms and legs.

How To Draw Santa Step 5

6. Then draw the fluffy white ends to each of his arms and legs.

How To Draw Santa Step 6

7. Draw mittens for his hands, and curly elf shoes for his feet.

How To Draw Santa Step 7

8. Last, so he’s not cold, draw his clothes. Add a belt and a line down for his coat.

How To Draw Santa Step 8

You drew Santa, way to go!

Download & Print

To download these instructions, click the image below then right click to save.

Download & Print

  • Roberto Romoleroux

    Thank you for this drawing its really cool.

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  • hey rob this message is from three young boys huzefa typing 11 yearyos old burhan pali 5 years burhan mithai 7 years old we love website and the things you make is awesome awesome

    • Rob

      Hey thanks you guys, for such a nice comment!

  • chelsea

    hey thx for the step by step it is realy usseful for peole who are starting art

  • StaCY

    Love it every time! I use it with my 3rd grade class… they love you, your children, & every drawing we have done together. It’s like having our own personal art teacher come into our classroom. THANKS FOR SHARING… very generous
    of you.

    • Awe thank you so much Stacy, for such a kind comment. I’m so glad your kids love drawing with us, please tell them we love hanging out in their classroom drawing with them.

  • Mr Thurlow

    HI Rob,
    Two classes drew the Santa today. All the students were engaged and motivated. They were very proud in their final pictures.

    I particularly liked the child drawing next to you on the video, as sometimes the students compare their work against mine. Having the child in the video allowed my students to take more risks in their drawings and not comparing the end product only with an artist( or teacher).

    Thanks again,

    Mr Thurlow, Room 2, Burnham School, New Zealand.

    • Hey Mr. Thurlow!

      Thank you so much for the kind comment and feedback. We’re honored to be part of your classroom…and so far away in New Zealand! It’s very exciting to hear that they were so proud of their drawings too.

      Please tell all your students that we love being their art friends! And please stay in touch, I love to get more updates on the art projects they do.

      Kind Regards,