How to make a coil pot is extremely easy for kids. In fact, your kids probably already know the basic technique of making a coil (snake).

Coil pottery dates back a long time ago. This technique was used to build higher and stronger walls. It also has it’s own beautifully unique look.

We used Red Amaco Mexican Pottery for the clay (but you can use anything, Play-Doh even works). It’s a little messy but air dries hard.

>>More about the clay (and making slab pots) HERE<<

How To Make A Coil Pot Step By Step

1. Cut or rip a chunk of clay off. The size of clay you break off will determine the size of pot your kid will make.

how to make a coil pot step1

2. Roll the clay out into long snake.

how to make a coil pot step2

3. Making a coil (or snake shape) is easiest if you start in the middle and work your way out to the ends.

how to make a coil pot step3

4. The diameter of the coil is up to you or your kids. Thicker coils won’t break as easy, but longer coils are more fun to work with. We used a diameter close to half an inch.

how to make a coil pot step4

5. Once you’ve made the coil, begin making your pot. Start by making a spiral or snail shell shape. This first part will be the bottom of your pot.

how to make a coil pot step5

6. After you’ve made a good size bottom to your pot, begin building the walls. Do this by spiraling upwards.

how to make a coil pot step6

7. Be sure the coils are pressed together, so they’ll stay in place.


8. That’s it, that’s how to make a coil pot! Now, just let it dry.

how to make a coil pot step8

Another technique used in making coil pots, is blending. This gives the pot a smooth finish. It’s really up to you on what style you (or your kids) prefer.

how to make a coil pot step9


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