RoseArt Fun Dough is just as nice as regular Play Dough. For a long time we never bought “generic” brand art supplies…it had to be Crayola or nothing :) Recently I’ve bought a couple things RoseArt, and have been surprised…they’ve really stepped up their game.

My wife said that she liked their Fun Dough, because it doesn’t dry out as fast as Play Dough. I like it because it doesn’t stink as bad as regular Play Dough. As ridiculous as it seems I really like the clear container. I hate having to look through every Play Dough container to try and find a specific color…the kids never put it away right :)

Disclaimer: My camera is still in the shop, please excuse the iPhone pic…I feel so alone without my camera…hopefully it will be fixed soon.

  • Heidi

    Your contact form isn’t working. I was wondering if you ever have drawing lessons on houses or castles. I think my son would really like that.

    • Rob

      Hi Heidi!!!

      I’m really sorry. I just tested it too and it wasn’t working for me either. I’m so mad, I wonder how long it has been doing that.

      Thanks for leaving a comment and telling me! We’ll get working on a lesson for houses and castles, that’ll be a lot of fun!

  • Danii

    Hi, what about the toxicity, it is safe ?

    • Rob

      As far as I know it’s safe. I haven’t heard of any recalls.