We love these!

Let me rephrase that, my wife, my kids, and I all love these! We bought them a year or so ago, from Target and they’re made by Roseart. The down side to this post, I can’t find where you can buy them now (I even tweeted Roseart, with no answer back)! It’s almost like they’ve completely disappeared from the world. I went back to Target, nothing. I’ve looked on Roseart’s website, nothing. I’ve looked on Amazon, nothing.

The reason why we love these, they’re the ultimate portable art case. When we bought them, they didn’t come with paper or markers. It was just a cheap plastic container, perfect for white computer paper and few markers or crayons. They also have two cool little clips to hold paper in place while drawing.

Believe me, these are life savers when it comes to entertaining your child either in the car or long meetings.

Portable Art Case 2

Ok, so I can’t just tease you with this awesome product and then say “Sorry, they don’t exist anymore.”

When I went to Target I found a few alternatives, that looked just as cool (but not as cheap).

1. Crayola Stow & Go Studio

This was the closest to what I was looking for. It comes with the mess free Crayola supplies. Which essential means the markers only color on the special paper. Good news, when you run out of the special paper, just replace it with regular paper and supper messy markers.

To buy, see the Amazon affiliate link at the bottom of this post.


2. Highlights 2,000 Stickers, Puzzles, and Activities

This one looked cool, it had the same storage system with the paper clip at the top. Plus it comes with a ton of worksheet type games and such. Same with this product, when your kids go through all the worksheets simply replace them with regular ol’ white paper.

To buy, ahhhhh I’m starting to think I’m horrible at using Google. I couldn’t find this product for sale anywhere online.


3. Crayola’s Ultimate Art Supplies

This looked cool because it had a ton of supplies all contained in an easy to cary case. But who in their right mind is going to allow their kids to paint in the car, or while flying? Also, I’m not positive but the paper that’s included with this looks smaller than standard 8.5″x11″. The whole reason why we liked our Roseart cases (and the first two products) is that the size of the case accommodates standard white paper.

 To buy, see Amazon affiliate link below.


If you happen to find links to these products online, especially the one we own, I would love you forever if you shared your knowledge with me :)

Hopefully these products will help you on your next trip! If you have any questions feel free drop a comment below or contact me through email.

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    • Rob

      These look awesome though, Lesly! I’m going to go to Michaels and check them out. Ya, they may be a little big for traveling, but I love the size for home!


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