It’s a 3D Rudolf Cutout! Hads got all giggly when she saw him, so I hope your kids enjoy him too. He’s a lot like the turkey cutout I did for Home School Classroom, but it’s Rudolf!

3D Rudolf Art Project!


  • Scissors
  • Tape or glue
  • Rudolf printout (either print on white or color paper)

Rudolf Cutout Step By Step

1. Download and print cutout. You can simply print on white paper and have your kids color him, or print on color paper.

3D Rudolf Cutout Step 1

2. Cut out all the parts to Rudolf.

3D Rudolf Cutout Step 2

3. Next fold and tape (or glue) Rudolf’s body.

3D Rudolf Cutout Step 3

4. Then tape his front feet to the bottom of his body. Be sure to put them on the side that says “head.”

3D Rudolf Cutout Step 4

5. Next tape his back feet to the “tail” side.

3D Rudolf Cutout Step 5

6. Then tape or glue his head to the circle that says “head.” I used red paper for his giant red nose. Look at that thing, it’s huge!

3D Rudolf Cutout Step 6

7. Last tape his tail to the “tail” circle. I also used white paper for his tail.

3D Rudolf Cutout Step 7

That’s all there is to putting Rudolf together!

3D Rudolf Cutout Step 8

Printing him out on plain white paper looks great too, but be sure to let your kids color him before they put him together.

3D Rudolf Cutout Step 9

Download & Print

To download Rudolf click the image below, then right click to save.

Download Rudolf