Oil pastels are awesome! How to blend with oil pastels is really easy, after understanding these two simple steps.

  1. Build the pastels from light colors to dark colors.
  2. Then use your lightest color to smooth and blend.


Watch How To Blend With Oil Pastels

Side tip: The free download specifically uses small squares to help conserve oil pastels. As a parent I am (sometimes) money conscious, and one thing you’ll find out about oil pastels…they disappear quickly. They disappear because they “go on” thick. So with any oil pastel activity, I tend to keep the activities smaller.

If you’re having trouble watching the video here, watch it on YouTube!

Step By Step Instructions (fire)

1. Use the yellow oil pastel to first color the fire edges.

blending with oil pastels step 1

2. Then use orange to create the same fire shape, but lower than the yellow edge.

blending with oil pastels step 2

3. Next do the same with the red oil pastel. Draw the same fire shape but lower than the orange edges.

blending with oil pastels step 3

4. Then with the yellow oil pastel, go back over all the colors. This will smooth out the texture and blend all the colors together.

blending with oil pastels step 4

5. To do the background we switched the rule, and used the darker color (red) first. That’s fine, it’ll just give you a different (darker) result. Use the red oil pastel to quickly color in the background.

blending with oil pastels step 5

6. Then use orange (or yellow) to smooth and blend the red.

blending with oil pastels step 6

That’s it! Now experiment with it by trying different colors and see how it turns out.

Download And Print

If you’d like to download this free oil pastel activity, click the image below and right click to save.

download free oil pastel project

  • Lesly

    This is great. We did it already. Pictures to come. Thanks again Rob!

    • Rob

      Awesome Lesly, can’t wait to see them!

  • Gauri

    Can this be done with wax crayons too?

    • Rob

      Thanks for asking! You certainly can, but in my opinion you don’t get nearly the same result.

  • This is such a great tutorial. I actually owned oil pastels a few years ago but couldn’t figure out how to blend them better. I’ll have to find them and try them out again!

    • Rob

      Hi Gaylene!

      You’ll have to let us know how it turns out. And let us know if you have any other questions. Would love to see what you guys come up with :)


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  • Wow I am very impressed with how detailed the video was. We paused it as we went along. I never know oil pastels could blend like that. This was my sons first try at using them. Thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful tutorials.

    • Rob

      Hey Stacie!

      Nice to meet you and so glad you found our site. Also, glad you found it helpful too :)

      It really does mean a lot that you’d take the time to leave such a nice comment, thank you!

      Please stay in touch and if your son has any requests, let us know!


  • Carry

    This is perfect for showing my Year 3 class how to use oil pastels. It’s really clear so it will be easily accessible for them. Thank you so much.

    • Rob

      Hi Carry!

      Thanks for writing and your feedback. Please let us know how it goes with your students!


  • Rob! Super fun lesson! I teach Art to K-1 kiddos and this video really helped! Thanks so much!

    • Rob

      Hi Nancy!

      Thank you for your kind comment. Glad it helped out!


  • Charlotte

    We found you in the Fall and have loved doing art class each week. I home school my kids and am grateful for the detailed instruction with different mediums. My parents used your pastel blog post to purchase art supplies for the kids for Easter. Thank you!!!

    • Rob

      Hi Charlotte!

      I’m so glad to hear we’ve been helping with art class for so long, that’s really cool! I promise we’ll do more pastel art soon. I feel bad we haven’t done more. Please tell all your kids we said HI!

      And thanks so much for your kind comment, means the world!

  • jacob jackson

    @Rob I really liked your way of explaining the drawing skills for young kids. I just wanted to share a tutorial that I came across, I think it would be beneficial for them to draw different animals and characters.

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  • Trisha

    Super cool! Thanks for sharing. We love your family interaction as much as we enjoy the art :-)

  • Natasha

    Another home school mom here – wanting to say THANK YOU!! My kids loved this activity and we’re off to do the Saint Patrick’s Day activity. We would love more projects with oil pastels.

    • Rob

      He Natasha!

      Thanks for saying thank you! I’m so glad you found us, thank you for the request! We’ll do more, promise!


  • emily

    i love the way you blended it

  • Cee

    thank you so much Rob. I am so happy everytime visit this website for my kid. Now my kid is just a year and half anyway I would love her to have fun with art at home with me. Thanks again.

    • You are so welcome Cee! I’m glad you’re having fun with us. And yes as soon as she can hold a crayon, put a piece of paper in front of her :)

  • Cee

    I love this, thank you.

  • abigail

    thanks so much rob I love your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awe, thank you so much! Glad we could help!