We’re not big cat people (the wife is allergic), but the little Hads loves anything that’s cute and fluffy! So, here’s some simple step by step instructions on how to draw a cat.

This cat is really simple, he consists of a simple shaped body and a big face. Cartoon styled drawing is a perfect place to start with younger kids. Cartoons are typically simplified shapes, but still include the general anatomy of the subject…eyes, ears, feet…

If you’re having trouble watching the video, watch How To Draw A Cat on YouTube!


  • Paper
  • Pencil, marker, or crayon

How To Draw A Cat Step by Step

1. Draw the simple body shape. Include two pointy ears at the top.

How to Draw a Cat step 1

2. Next add four feet. Put two feet in front, and two on the side.

How to Draw a Cat step 2

3. Now add some cute or crazy eyes, plus a black nose.

How to Draw a Cat step 3

4. Put two little triangles inside the cat’s ears, and draw a mouth that’s connected to the nose.

How to Draw a Cat step 4

5. Next draw three lines for whiskers on each side of the cat’s face.

How to Draw a Cat step 5

6. The last step is adding a tail. You can make it long or short.

How to Draw a Cat step 6

Download & Print:

That’s all there is to drawing a little cartoon cat. If you’d like to download these steps to print, click the link below.

Download how to draw a cat PDF

OR, click the image below to download how to draw a cat JPEG. Then right click the image to save it to your computer.

  • pepe

    Great cat. Thanx for this tutorial. I will try to reuse your form and draw it in a different way. Cheers!

  • Jamie

    do you have a how to draw an owl?

    • Rob

      Hi Jamie,

      We don’t, but it’s now on our list. My kids will love drawing owls, it’s even perfect for the Halloween season! Thanks for the idea.

  • Please could you draw parrot or bird of some kind please!!!!

    • Rob

      Hi Jemma, you bet! We’ll get working on that for you :)

  • But not on owl because I saw you draw that one.

  • lily

    Please work on drawing a hamster or a moose please! And an armadillo, or Taylor Swift. Any of these options just please!!1

    • Rob

      Thanks Lily for the suggestions. We’ll put a few of those on our request list.

  • lily

    Okay thanks

  • reyhaneh

    very nice thanks!

  • Could you possibly do graffiti?

    • Rob

      Hi Autumn,

      Graffiti, will be challenging…I’ll put it on our list, and we’ll work on it.

      Thanks for the fun idea.

  • jacob

    can you draw ferb

  • Laura Ryan

    I absolutely love Chucker’s cat!

    • Rob

      Hahaha, me too :)

  • Adina

    Do you have a detailed image of a cat?

    • Adina

      Plus I absolutely love your website!

  • Ricardo

    Just want to say, you are such a life saver. My son name is romoy and he is a 1st grader and I have been using your site to teach him how to draw. You make drawing look so so easy thx. To you.

    • Rob

      OH cool! Thanks Ricardo, I’m glad he’s loving it so much. Please tell Romoy that we love having him as an art friend!

  • Kira

    Can you please draw american flag, i would like that so much

  • Awe thanks Ally, we will!