Super simple steps on how to draw a lamb! It’s also March, you know what they say? In like a lion, out like a lamb :)

Have you heard that saying before? Here’s some fun info about it, and other weather lore.

Watch How To Draw A Lamb

Step By Step

1. Draw a small cloud.

step 1

2. Draw a U for her head.

step 2

3. Next draw the sheep’s ears.

step 3

4. Now draw her face.

step 4

5. Next draw a larger cloud, this will be for her body.

step 5

6. Next draw three rectangle shapes for her legs.

step 6

7. Draw a small cloud for her tail, and an L shape for her fourth leg.

step 7

8. Last, draw T shapes for her hooves.

step 8

Download & Print

Click the image below to download the free step by step printable.

Download how to draw a lamb!

Here’s a picture of Chuckers working on his ninja lamb! We laughed so hard even after we finished filming the lesson.


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  1. jessi

    SSSOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEFINITELY ONE OF MY FAVORITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. peter

    thanks it was so fun and in the end they look like the animal thanks again:)


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