We’re getting ready for Saint Patrick’s Day, so here’s how to draw a leprechaun! When we finished shooting the video, I have to admit, I liked Chucker’s little green man much more than mine :)


  • Pencil, marker, or crayon
  • Paper

Watch How To Draw A Leprechaun

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Step By Step Instructions

1. Draw a circle for the leprechaun’s head.

draw a leprechaun step 1

2. Draw his funny face.

draw a leprechaun step 2

3. Next draw his beard and pointy ears.

draw a leprechaun step 3

4. Now draw his hat and body. Don’t forget his clothes.

draw a leprechaun step 4

5. Draw his arms and legs bent.

draw a leprechaun step 5

6. Next draw his hands and feet.

draw a leprechaun step 6

7. Draw contour lines for his sleeves and pants. Also, add the buckle to his hat.

draw a leprechaun step 7

8. Last, draw a four leaf clover in his hat.

draw a leprechaun step 8

That’s it! You’ve got all the good luck, you could ever need!

Download The Printable

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Download how to draw a leprechaun printable

  • Jack Hadlely

    Nice job on the Leprechaun, Chuckers! I could almost hear him saying, “Always after me Lucky Charms!”

    • http://artforkidshub.com/about-the-author/ Rob

      Haha! Chuckers says, “thanks!”

  • elsa

    i love this leprechaun thank you for this step by step

  • Abigail

    great job Chuckers!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://artforkidshub.com/ Rob @ ArtForKidsHub!

      Thanks Abigail!

  • http://artforkidshub.com/ Rob @ ArtForKidsHub!

    Oh wow! These all turned out amazing! Please tell your students they’re super cool! :)