Hey art friends! Today we’re learning how to draw a minion! We’ve drawn one before, about two years ago. I’ve left the older lesson along with the step by steps below, just for fun.

Minions are fun to draw because you can mix and match their different features. Here’s a link to the official minion movie website, where you can reference images to draw the main characters from the movie.

Also, after you’ve finished following along with us try drawing a couple more minions on your own…from memory! On each new minion you draw, try to change his facial expression and how he’s holding his hands. This will make each minion unique.

Watch How To Draw A Minion

Step By Step

1. First draw an upside down U for the minion’s head.

how to draw a minion step 1

2. Next draw two circles for the goggles. If you’d like to draw the one eyed minion only draw one circle.

how to draw a minion step 2

3. Now draw a goggle strap on each side of his head.

how to draw a minion step 3

4. Draw his face and hair.

how to draw a minion step 4

5. Draw his overalls.

how to draw a minion step 5

6. Next draw his arms, one up and one bent.

how to draw a minion step 6

7. Then draw his gloves.

how to draw a minion step 7

8. Draw four lines down, for his legs.

how to draw a minion step 8

9. Last, draw his two feet and a pocket on his chest.

how to draw a minion step 9

That’s all there is to drawing a super simple minion. Now all you have to do is color him yellow.

  • Brett

    Looking forward to the printable version. The kids love anything to do with minions and my 3 year old endlessly repeats a phrase I don’t understand when the minion is ‘paragliding’ and gets hit by the duck…

    • Rob

      Haha, that was one of my kid’s favorite parts too. I’m going to work on getting that printable version done this week!

      • Brett

        Thanks Rob. My 6 year old already has plans to take it to school for ‘news’ and teach her classmates…

      • Claire

        Hey Rob my names Claire I was wondering if you can draw a pizza also Minnie mouse and Daisy duck my cousin”s having a birthday she”s turning 3 and always says Minnie daddy duc. :)

        • Rob

          That would be a lot of fun…I’ll put all of those suggestions on our request list, thank you for the ideas!

    • Rob

      Hey Brett,

      Just wanted to let you know I finally finished the printable!

      • I really like to draw u are very cool dude have fun thank you for making this website thanks I love horses so u need to do that thanks I am a 7th grader I know I am saying thangs of the top of my head but I like this stuff so just keep doing what u are doing man

    • brooke

      i loved it and my kids but u forgot the pouch.

    • Isabelle Tinsley

      I love minions

  • nerys

    My kids love your tutorial. Brill. Thank you :)

    • Rob

      Awe thank you!! That means a lot, it really does!

  • Stephanie N

    OMG…this is amazing. I have always wanted to learn how to draw. Your tutorial is so easy to use. Using the red marker after each step really helps guide you along. My son is 2 and he is watching me follow the steps and when he sees the finished sketch he just looks at my drawing and the one on the screen in awe. Trying to teach him to follow along as well. This is great!! I’ve already done the monkey and the minion is my second lesson!! so exciting thanks for sharing this! Moving on…

    • Rob

      Hey Stephanie! So glad you found us and are having fun. Even though it says “for kids” we’re flattered that you’re enjoying it too! Seriously, we think that’s sooo awesome. My kids think you’re cool :)

      • Victoria

        My name is Victoria ,I really like your videos,my favorite video is my little pony .
        My brother and I would like to ask you if you can teach us how to draw a fire truck,and a police car,and an ambulance ?
        Thank You

        • Rob

          Hi Victoria!

          Thanks for the nice comment. We’d love to draw those. I’ll put them on our request list, and hopefully get to them soon.


  • Stephanie N

    I really wish I had a camera so you can see my drawings :) Did I mention that I was 41 years old?? I really love this! Sharing these with my nieces who love to draw too!

    • Rob

      Ahh, no worries. 41?! That’s so awesome! :)

  • Stephanie N

    I ended up drawing 17 pictures. A few I did twice so my son could color them!! My son and I had to much fun doing this today. I found your page on FB and liked that too! I’m a big fan now!! Keep up the awesome work…look forward to getting more from you. We plan on home schooling our son so your tutorials would be great for art time when he comes of age to follow along.

    • Rob

      LOL thanks so much Stephanie for being our fan! Send us pics when you can ;)

  • rachita

    your website is the best

    • Rob

      Awe thanks!

  • Leah

    Every time a holiday is coming up I make a huge drawing of all the characters you put up
    I’ve made a Halloween one with the wear wolf mummy Frankenstein vampire witch and tons more and I just finished a Christmas one by the way I am 10 years old

    • Rob

      Hi Leah!

      That sounds like so much fun, I should have Chuckers and Hads do the same thing :)

  • minion lover

    i REALLY love your drawings. unlike others you do it slowly and step by step. usually have hard time following the instructions but the red marks help a lot. thanks a lot. you really help.

  • nikki

    omg minions are my life

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  • Matthew E

    My friend wanted me to try out drawing so I had a look and I really like minions, so I was looking for a good guide and then I found you; a good simple step by step drawing site. I love how you have the red marked bit so you know what your doing! Thanks! Btw I’m 11

  • travislawton

    hi guy’s, my name is travis and i’m only 11 years old but i love this website. i love it because i draw alot and i wish you could see my awsome shark. it is so epic. it has a big masive matchine on it’s back.anyway, i hope that i could actuly here from you guy’s.
    send messages
    love from,
    travis lawton.

    • Rob

      Hey Travis,

      Your shark sounds completely epic! You could post a picture on our Facebook page if you want. We’d love to see it!


  • sarah

    Hi my name is Sarah i am 10 but i love this website because all of the others have really complicated steps.I was wondering if you had a step by step on how to draw a purple minion.

  • whitney

    May you draw one of the crazy minions, the purple ones, or Gru, Vector, and the lipstick tazer lady?

  • Hi Rob, the minions are so funny, thanks for the tutorial! My 4 years old boy loves draw following your video…thanks a lot!

    • Rob

      Awe, you’re so welcome Valentina! Glad he likes our video, please tell him hi for us!

  • I love the tutorial so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everyone now says that i’m a good drawer!

  • Janet Aquino Hernandez

    I love it

  • Mishal

    I LOVE art. Rob you’re the best. The minion was really easy in fact all of your drawing are really easy for me. THANKS for making this website!!!

    • Rob

      Hi Mishal!


      Thanks for your kind comment, it means a lot that you’re enjoying our site.

      Thank you!

  • thankyou rob!!

  • Mallory

    Hi Rob I am 12 and i tried drawing this but it didnt turn out very good how do i make it better?

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    HI I am a writer and now an ARTIST!!!!!! BECUASE OF YOU YOU ARE THE BEST

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  • I was wondering if you could make something harder like a 3D German Shepherd dog. BTW the poodle that you made turned out excellent I love your show and my art is improving even more.

    • Rob


      I’m so glad you’re improving! That’s exciting. Also glad your poodle turned out. I’ll put German Shepherd on our list, and hopefully get to it soon. We have a lot of requests :)


      • Cool1_Charizard

        yay i love german shepards :D

  • Hi Jody,

    Here’s a cute one we drew a while back…

  • Terri

    Hi, my second graders love your directed draws. For Valentine’s Day I wanted to buy a class set of circle stencils, as gifts, and so that they could use them when needed during directed draws. But they run from $5.00 to $14.00 a piece! Do you know where I can get 21 stencils for a decent price?

    • Hi Terri,

      Thanks for writing and asking! I’m bummed too, I have looked and haven’t found anything cheaper than that. That is the main reason I recommend using a found object. I’ll keep an eye out and try to find something cheaper…I wonder if you could find something else that would work, like a cookie cutter set. Just a thought.


  • julian

    this is great

  • Great job!

  • Rob

    Hey Rob, my boys love following your drawing tutorials! What kind of paper do you use to draw on?

    • We just use regular printer paper (letter). Please tell your boys we love drawing with them!

  • Rida

    wow, I always wanted my little brother enjoy art when i showed him this website/video he enjoyed ever since and i also have enjoyed it very much!!

    • Awe, Rida! I’m happy that both of you have been enjoying art with us. Keep it up!

      • Rida

        Thanks!!! You guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awe, thanks Samantha. We’re honored to be part of your class. Please tell them all, we love drawing with them. Also thanks for the idea. I’ll see if we can squeeze in one of those this week. Both would be a lot of fun.

    • Samantha

      Thanks!! :)

  • Thank you Sarah, for being so kind.

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  • I have 2, plus a couple more :) THANK YOU, WE THINK YOU’RE AWESOME TOO!

  • His nickname is Chuckers :)

  • I’m so glad that your class is having fun drawing with us too! Thanks for writing, we keep in touch because we love you (and all of art friends)!


  • Yes, we’d love to! Thank Lani, for the awesome idea. Here’s a unicorn we’ve drawn before http://artforkidshub.com/how-to-draw-a-unicorn/

  • Wow, awesome Donald! You did a great job on your minion! Keep it up!

  • Yes, that would be fun! Thanks!

  • Hey Jordan,

    Thanks for the nice comment. Just follow along with us and keep practicing :) You’ll get it!

  • Cool, thanks for the idea! Ya I know who he is, I’ll put him on our idea list. Thanks, Cassandra!

  • Fun, thanks for the idea!

  • Hi Lucy,

    Here’s a submarine I drew with Austa-wasta! http://artforkidshub.com/how-to-draw-a-submarine-for-young-artists/

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  • Hi Ashlee, thanks for the kind comment. I’m glad you found us!

  • Yes she would be a lot of fun to draw!

  • Thank you Paige! Glad you’re having fun drawing with us.

  • Thanks Savannah! Yes, I’ll add them to our list of ideas thanks!

  • In the video we explain how you can use different steps to draw each of them. I would love to see if you can use the steps to draw each of them :)

  • That would be fun.

  • yes we need to, hopefully soon!

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