Have you already watched our how to draw a monkey face (see second video, below)? Well today we’re drawing the whole body, and this crazy monkey is swinging from a vine.

Get your marker and oil pastels ready, this one is going to be easy and fun. We did try to keep this lesson easy enough for young artists, but if it’s too difficult try just drawing a monkey face.

We sped through the coloring phase, so when we finish coloring feel free to pause the video and match what we did.

Watch How To Draw A Monkey

Second Round

This section is meant to give you an idea on how you can change this lesson for more practice. After following this lesson through once, try drawing another monkey…only this time…turn your paper the other direction. Draw one vine (like before), but this time draw two monkeys hanging from the same vine. One monkey could be a boy and the other a girl. They could be best friends!

Are You A Teacher?

Check out Rosie’s classroom art project for ideas on how you can use this post in your own classroom!

Watch How To Draw A Monkey Face

If you’re having trouble watching the video here, you can always watch our videos on YouTube!

Step By Step

1. Start by drawing an upside-down U. This is going to be the top of the monkey’s head.

how to draw a monkey step 1

2. Next draw half of an oval, for the bottom part of the monkey’s head.

how to draw a monkey step 2

3. Next draw the monkey’s eyes and nose.

how to draw a monkey step 3

4. Now draw her mouth.

how to draw a monkey step 4

5. Next draw a curved M for her forehead.

how to draw a monkey step 5

6. Monkey ears are cute, draw them as big Cs!

how to draw a monkey step 6

6. Last, if you’d like to make your monkey a girl you can add a bow. If not, leave the bow off :)

how to draw a monkey step 7

  • Amie

    please make an elephant, that would be very cool
    ,Anna White, :)

    • Rob

      Hi Anna,

      Elephants are so cool, and such a great idea. Chuckers and Hads would love drawing one too. I’ll see if we can do that for next week.

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

      • leah

        your so right my little girl loves drawing what you draw she has done all of the drawing you did thanks for putting it on the website

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          You’re very welcome Leah, glad she’s enjoying them!

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    this web site is awesome can you show me how to draw hello kitty she is my favorite character.

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      Yes! That’s my little girl’s favorite character too…thanks for the great idea!

    • Rob

      Hey wasn’t sure if you saw our new post on how to draw Hello Kitty. Just thought I’d reply again, in case you didn’t. Thanks again for requesting this one :)


  • kendralinartis

    do you know hoe to draw a water color hand because that is what we are doing in school and i can not figure out how to draw one with me looking on google.com

    • Rob

      What do you mean water color hand? Do you simply mean how to paint a hand using water colors?

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    i realy love drawing and i like this website
    so can you do a cristmas tree because i like cristmas

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    Hi I love owls they are just so cute can you draw a baby owl?if you can that’s would be great. I am 11years olds

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  • whoo rob that was cool could u do a baby kitten

  • Aleksandar

    great walkthrough. I tried to follow steps you explained and ended up with something that looks really close to a monkey, which is good, since I suck at drawing. Anyway, I’ll share this info on my gaming blog which is heavily visited by kids who come to play games. Maybe they can also learn something, and this seem to be cool idea … +1

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    could you draw a monkey swinging on a vine? that would look cool!

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      Hi Emma,

      What a great idea, thanks! I’ll put monkey swinging on a vine on our list.


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    I like the cute bow….. The lines make it bootiful
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    are you abel to draw a hedgehog cuz they are my favorite animals and u can make it in a park with a slide or in the grass

    • Hey Jenna! Yes we would love to draw a hedgehog. We have a lot of requests but I’m going to put this on our list and hopefully get to it soon. Thanks so much for writing and making a request!


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  • conner michaux


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  • Here is our T Rex tutorial, enjoy!
    HOW TO DRAW A T REX- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qt1a4_pgwHc