How to draw a mummy for Halloween!

This was a fun video to do with my son, we hope you have a lot of fun drawing this with us too. Be sure to check out all of our other fun Halloween art projects on our Halloween page.

When you’re done drawing your mummy be sure to also draw a cool Halloween background for him. He could be coming out of his sarcophagus and live in a pyramid. We’d love to see how your drawing turns out, have your parents or an adult take a picture and email it to us

Watch How To Draw A Mummy


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How to draw a mummy for Halloween!

  • Christian

    Could you do for some avengers hero?
    That would be great!
    Thanks for this tutorial, my kids love this!

  • Someone

    I love using these tutorials for my sketches. Thank-you!

    • Rob

      You’re very welcome.

  • Alyssa

    I love these steps so easy and i think i am getting better and better