How To Draw A Ninja

This how to draw a ninja was for my little 6 year old, because he loves Ninjago…well and also Power Rangers (which are kinda ninjas right?) Anyways these are really simple step by steps perfect for younger kids.

Don’t worry the next how to draw will be for girls, even though Hads really liked this one :)

Side note: When we recorded this video I had no idea that my little 9 month old kid had a sneezing attack in the background…seriously, how rude!

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How To Draw A Ninja

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  • Lolly

    I lined up my three boys with paper in front of the computer and they all drew ninjas while watching your video. They named them Jay, Cole, and Ninjago Ki. Loved it, thanks!

    • Rob

      That made me laugh, Lolly! Especially their names. Did they have fun? And was it easy for them to follow along?

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  • brady

    I love it I just drew it earlier I loved it my ninja is named Michel Angelo

  • what a couincidence mine was named leo LOL!! :D

  • dude

    I really liked this ninja and enjoyed drawing it. For one of your future drawings you should draw a samuri

  • Hahaha, yes it still makes me laugh too. I don’t know what made that kid sneeze so much :)