We got Santa, elves, and a Christmas tree now we need a how to draw a reindeer! Reindeer are neat, have your kids seen a real one? If not, be sure to show them the reindeer cam! It’s a live camera showing Santa’s reindeer. You may even get lucky, and see Santa feeding them.


  • Pencil, marker, or crayon
  • Paper

Watch How To Draw A Reindeer

If you’re having trouble watching the video here, watch it on YouTube!

Step By Step Instructions

1. Draw an oval for the reindeer’s body and head.

How To Draw A Reindeer Step 1

2. Next draw his neck. Draw the left line with zig zags so that it looks furry.

How To Draw A Reindeer Step 2

3. Draw his face and ears. If you want to draw Rudolf, draw his nose bigger and color it red!

How To Draw A Reindeer Step 3

4. Now add antlers.

How To Draw A Reindeer Step 4

5. Draw his legs. Draw the front two bent, so it looks like he’s going to take off and fly.

How To Draw A Reindeer Step 5

6. Now draw contour lines for his hooves. Also, draw his short furry tail.

How To Draw A Reindeer Step 6

7. Last, add a saddle or blanket to keep him warm. We drew a Christmas tree on it for decoration.


That’s all there is to drawing a reindeer. If you want additional practice draw 11 more, and be sure to name them all!

Download & Print

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