This how to draw a spider would’ve been perfect for Halloween, but spiders are always fun to draw. Right?

I asked my kids what bugs they would like to learn how to draw. Chuckers wanted to draw a spider, and Hads…well, we’ll save that for the next post. Also, we’re really excited that Chuckers two front teeth fell out. Maybe we should do a how to draw tooth fairy.

Watch How To Draw A Spider

Step By Step Instructions

1. First draw an oval for the spider’s head.

draw a spider step 1

2. Now draw another oval for the spider’s body.

draw a spider step 2

3.  Next add a funny face.

draw a spider step 3

4. Now draw the spider’s first two legs.

draw a spider step 4

5. Draw two more legs.

draw a spider step 5

6. Then draw four more legs.

draw a spider step 6

7. Last draw the spiders web and spots on his back.

draw a spider step 7

We drew spots on his back but feel free to add any kind of designs. Also, you could try and make him hairy!

Download & Print

To download these instructions click the image below, then right-click to save.

download how to draw a spider

  • viv

    Rob and kids , we love your drawing lessons and learning so much from them . one question ,for dad , my Tina makes a drawing almost every day and for her they are all masterpieces ( of course for me too ) , do you keep all your kids drawings ??? how ?? my house is flooding with papers and need an organization advice please

    thanks again

    • I have 5 kids, this year we are taking a binder and putting everything in there…. then at the end of the year we will go through it and pick the best ones. It IS a hard one, we homeschool so ALL work is already at home!! But years later she is not going to want EVERY little paper.

      • Rob

        Hey Lisa,

        Just wanted to say thanks for adding your input! Seriously, thanks it means a lot.

        You’re awesome!


    • Rob

      Viv! Great question I like what Lisa said too.

      We don’t keep them all. We try to keep ours/their favorites in a binder. Also, I think a great solution (especially if you have a smart phone) is to photograph all their work and archive it on a Blogger, WordPress, or Tumblr site.

      I’ll do another post on this soon, because I feel your struggle :)

      And you’re totally right, I love going through all my old art from when I was little. Thanks Mom!!

      Hopefully that helps Viv.

  • Jasmin

    i really in joyed the drawing and i might win a competition on drawing later in the future if i keep on practising. thank you for the lessons.

    • Rob

      Hi Jasmin! You’re very welcome, glad you liked the drawings. Keep practicing!

      Thank you very much for leaving a comment too, it means a lot that you’d take the time.

      Best Drawing Friends,

      Rob and kids

  • viv

    thank you lisa and bob for your replies , i like the folder idea . i wish bob you make a blog post about how you set up your art corner and organize your material so they are easy accessible for the kids but not cluttered . we used to do art at the coffee table in the living room then i felt my daughter frustration when she had to clear the table before she is done , so i put a table in the kitchen jus for art and craft and have by the wall sheving to hold our art supplies , we also have outdoor table for messy art projects . but it seems the more tables the more clutter , colored pencils crayons pastels papers books everywhere . i am really visual i love to see how other people set ups in their own homes . also do you keep pencils crayons markers in their original boxes or you put them in other containers ?viv

    • Rob

      Personally I move everything to different container, because most don’t hold up to regular child use. I would love to do a post on our work area, great suggestion and thanks for asking. I’ll get a post up soon about that!

  • Amy

    I LOVE your drawings!!!I’ve always loved drawing cartoon drawings but sadly i lack in that skill :(
    Anyway I think your drawings loom AWESOME and your spider is very cute!

    • Rob

      Thanks Amy, very much!

      You just need to practice, you’ll get it :) If you have any requests let us know!

  • Anna

    Hi, love the bug drawings. I am teaching insects to Grade 2 kids. They are going to really enjoy doing the spider and ladybug! Any way you could do an ant? Or a bee? Thanks!