Sorry for the lack of posts last week. I was out of town on a week long backpacking trip. It was a blast, but of course I missed my kids. It sure made my day, when one of the first things they said when I got back was, “Lets make a video!”

Check the bottom of this post, to see a few images from my trip.

This how to draw a tiger, is a continuation of our how to draw a lion. Most of the head is the same, but we added the body. If your kids would like to draw a lion body, it’s fairly simple. Just leave off the stripes and change the tail.

Watch How To Draw A Tiger

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Step By Step

1. Draw the tiger’s mouth.

how to draw a tiger step 1

2. Next draw the top of the tiger’s head.

how to draw a tiger step 2

3. Draw the two ears, and the bottom of the tiger’s head.

how to draw a tiger step 3

4. Next draw the back of his neck.

how to draw a tiger step 4

5. Now draw the front leg, and finish his back.

how to draw a tiger step 5

6. Draw his back leg, and the other front leg.

how to draw a tiger step 6

7. Draw his second back leg, and his furry belly.

how to draw a tiger step 7

8. Now add his toes, sharp claws, and thick tail. If you’d like to draw a lion, draw a thiner tail with hair at the end.

how to draw a tiger step 8

9. Last, draw his stripes.

how to draw a tiger step 9

Be sure to check out our how to draw a lion (head), so you can give this guy a “friend!”

Download And Print

Click the image below to download and print this for free!

Free how to draw a tiger printable


Backpacking the Uintas

Just for fun, here’s a few pictures from my recent trip through the Uintas.

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