Christmas is such a fun time of year for my kids, wait who am I kidding? It’s funnest for me! I think reliving Christmas through my kids, is so much more fun. The look on their eyes when we do anything Christmas related is priceless. You should have seen their eyes the first time I showed them how to draw an angel. I hope your kids enjoy this one as much as mine!

I do understand that not everyone shares our same beliefs. I always want to be sensitive to that, but at the same time not let it stop me from simply sharing what we do as a family. Please feel free to always adapt and change what we do, to better fit your kids and family.


  • Pencil, marker, or crayon
  • Paper

Watch How To Draw An Angel

If you’re having trouble watching the video here, watch it on YouTube!

Step By Step Instructions

1. First draw a circle for the angel’s head.

How to draw an angel step 1

2. Next draw a super happy face.

How to draw an angel step 2

3. Then draw her dress.

How to draw an angel step 3

4. Draw a rainbow line over her head and connect it to her neck. This makes her hair.

How to draw an angel step 4

5. Now add two candy cane hooks to start her wings.

How to draw an angel step 5

6. Next finish the wings with a bunch of bumps. The bumps look like feathers.

Some people believe angels literally have wings some believe wings to be symbolic. What ever you believe, take a moment to share your thoughts with your kids.

How to draw an angel step 6

7. Next draw two arms, hands, and feet for your angel.

How to draw an angel step 7

8. Last draw stars in the sky.

How to draw an angel step 8

Angels are great to draw year round, but during Christmas you could explain an angel’s (and other angels) significant roll in the savior’s birth. If you’d like to even read the story, it can be found in Luke chapter 2.

Download & Print

To download these instructions click the image below then right click to save.

Download and print

6 Responses

  1. Lesly

    Hi guys! Another super cute drawing with a part of the Christmas story included! Great!!!. We also loooove the way you end your videos, it always make us laugh!

    • Rob

      Thanks Lesly for your kind words, and taking time to leave comments! It’s always great hearing from you.

      I’m really glad you think the ending of our videos are funny. I’ve been wondering if maybe we’re the only ones that get a kick out of it :) We’ll keep doing it, hahaha!

      Stay in touch, and let us know how your watercolor and salt project turns out!


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