We’re major fans of Frozen, though my boy may not admit it. So, we had to do some fan art of Olaf. Just keep in mind we’re not Disney animators, this is just how we would draw him. Hopefully this will help you create your own fan art. After practicing these steps, try drawing him again but doing something else. For example you could try drawing him smelling flowers.

Watch How To Draw Olaf

Step By Step

1. Start by drawing two touching circles for Olaf’s eyes.

step 1

2. Next draw a curved line to begin his carrot nose.

step 2

3. Draw his two pupils and the tip of the carrot nose.

step 3

4. Next draw the rest of the carrot, also draw his two eyebrows.

step 4

5. Then draw his big smile and cheek.

step 5

6. Now draw the top of his head and his giant tooth.

step 6

7. Next draw the rest of his head.

step 7

8. Add the contour lines to his nose and a contour line for the bottom of his neck.

step 8

9. Draw a small marshmallow shape for his body.

step 9

10. Draw a second larger marshmallow shape for his bottom.

step 10

11. Draw two more marshmallow shapes, much smaller, for his feet. Also add two crooked lines for his arms.

step 11

12. Next add his fingers and coal buttons.

step 12

13. Last, draw three sticks for his hair.

step 13

That’s it, that’s how we would draw Olaf. Hope it was easy and fun for you to make your own fan art!

Download & Print

Click the image to download and print the free PDF.

Download and print

  • I love your tutorials I let my 3 year old child look at these

    • Rob

      Awe thanks Nancy! Glad your enjoying our site.

  • Jessi

    Hi Rob,

    The internet fails me every time I want to draw! but your tutorials are really useful, and that’s coming from a 12 yr old! if I can do it, anyone on this planet can do it!

    Thanks dude!

  • Emily

    We are a homeschooling family with 4 kids. My 7, 5 and 4 year old love your videos and are having fun learning how to draw! Thank you! We were wondering if you could do Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb?

    • Rob

      Hey Emily,

      Sorry for the delay in responding. I’ve been crazy busy. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment though, means a lot!

      My kids will freak when I ask them if they want to draw Perry. I’ve put it on our request list, and will try to get to it very soon. Thanks for asking :)

    • charlet

      hey! my mom is a home school-er to! :) and has four kids im the oldest im 11

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    Loved it! Thanks!

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      Awe thanks Jill!

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    My Kiddos can’t get enough of your site!

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      Caaaaade! What’s up man? Thanks for leaving a comment. Glad to hear the little ones are enjoying it so much!

  • Amber

    Thanks Rob and Chuckers!

    My daughter Charlotte had a lot of fun with this one! Not sure if she had more fun drawing Olaf or laughing about all of Chuckers’ funny faces. :-)

    Thanks again!

    • Rob

      Hi Amber!

      So nice to meet you, thanks for taking the time to write :) It really is nice to hear that Charlotte had fun drawing and also laughed. It’ll especially make Chucker’s smile when I tell him.

      Please tell your daughter we said HI!

  • Hi i love your art.My Daughter who is 8 loves to draw and watch all your videos.We were wondering if you could make a video of Strawberry Shortcake or Mickey Mouse

  • kym

    my girls and i had so much fun drawing him together! thank you

    • Rob

      Awe, you’re welcome! I’m so glad they enjoyed drawing him so much :)

  • lisa


    can you tell to us how to draw Elsa or Ana from “FROZEN” , please , because girls love them


  • Grammy

    My granddaughter is home sick today. I found your videos on drawing, and we are having a great time with them.
    Thank you for showings us how easy and fun it is to draw.
    Brighton’s Olaf says hi.

    • Rob

      Ahh, sorry to hear she is sick. Being sick is the worst! Glad we could help out a little. I hope she’s doing better today. Please tell her HI!

  • Serena

    I found your site through Pinterest and my kids and I are hooked! I am planning to integrate your lessons into our homeschooling. Thank you so much!

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    Thanks so much I really enjoyed drawing Olaf and think you both did a great job of him!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

  • Kath

    Thank you for taking the time to share your skills, my grand daughter can now draw olaf, she is so proud of herself thanks to you ! Xxxxxxxxx

  • The H Kids

    Thank you so much! We loved Olaf so much we did it twice!
    Maybe you can do some How to Train your dragon?
    The H kids

    • Rob

      Great idea, I’m definitely writing How To Train Your Dragon on our request list. Hopefully will get to it very soon!

      Thanks for saying HI!

  • Minhanh royal

    My daughter wanted to draw shark and I found your website. Now she has drawn Olaf and wants to draw more. Thanks for the Videos. I have shared o. My fb page.

    • Rob

      Awe thanks! I’m so glad she’s enjoying the videos. Please tell her we said HI!


  • jenny

    I find myself grinning from ear to ear when I watch your videos. Back to school tomorrow and I think my grade 1s will be excited to draw Olaf. Thanks for the tute. BTW, koalas are not bears they are marsupials.

    • Rob

      Thanks Jenny! So awesome to hear, please let us know how their drawings turn out.

      Thanks also about the koalas :)


  • nahom

    this is an amazing website because I did 8 pictures

    • Rob

      Hahaha, that’s awesome! Great job!

  • leondre

    hey rob
    i wonder if you are drawing somthing new but plaese keep drawing i love your site man i was inspired by you you made me look cool but thanks.

  • Rob,

    I searched for “how to draw Olaf” and found your video. I listened and watched and draw a great Olaf! Then I carefully traced him onto two t-shirts with personalized messages for my kids. They will flip out when they see them.
    Only after I finished did I see the super cool step-by-step directions and other instructional info. I am excited to do more!

    loving it–

    • Rob

      Hi Dani,

      What a cool idea to do for your kids. I hope they really got a kick out of the shirts! So glad you found us!


  • charlet

    love this its so simple!

  • My daughter and I loved the simple drawing of Olaf.
    Thankyou so much made her project homework so much easier . x

    • Rob

      Oh I’m so glad we could help with her homework! Please tell her, “HI!” for us!

      Rob and Kids

  • I love your website I taught My 6 year old niece how to draw Olaf and she did better than I did and I’m in he 6 grade and shes in the 1 grade. I never knew she had it in her.
    My niece loved you’re work so much she wanted me to ask you can you do a video of a Baby lion 4 her.
    Thank you you’re our hero!

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    • I know how you feel my dog Kobe died…… I’ve NEVER EVER in my life seen my daddy cry like that:(

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  • My brother and LOVE drawing. And when we found the site I’m like O MY GOSH they have everything you could ever draw.
    Thanks sooooo much Mr.Rob! Your wife is a lucky woman. And your children are lucky to have a like you :)

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      Awe thanks so much Emma, that means a lot to me. We love drawing and glad you found us. We feel like the lucky ones now :)

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    can you draw a polar bear please

    • Rob

      Yes that would be awesome, thanks for the idea Evan!

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    We’ve had fun drawing Olaf! Sophie said she would love to see you guys draw Elsa :)

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      She’s coming soon…very soon.

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  • Hahaha hey Meg, well we really love you guys! :)

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    Artsy fartsy pants are the best fitting pants ever…they’re so comfy ;)

    Hahaha, I’m so glad we can help out in your classroom. That’s sad to hear there isn’t funding though.

    Please tell all your amazing artists, that we love drawing with them!


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  • A big fan of yours:)

    I had a great time with my little 5 year old drawing Elsa and Olaf… Your videos are awesome. WE had such a great time thanks to your easy to follow videos.

    • Awe thanks for the kind words. I’m so glad that both of you are drawing together and having fun with us!

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  • Perfect! Upload a photo of your drawing in the comments, we’d love to see how it turned out :)

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    i love this my little girl enjoys making him over and over;)

  • I’m so glad you liked the lesson!

  • Yes, hopefully soon.

  • I bet you’ll do awesome! Remember to practice, and it’s ok if it looks different. The important thing, is that you have fun drawing :)

  • Yes, we’re planning to…not sure when though.

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