Water color resist with crayons, is a classic art activity. Meaning, you probably remember doing this project when you were a kid. The great part about this activity (like using rubber cement), it’s a great way to show kids how different things react with water color.

Resist, means that the crayon will repel the water color away from it. If you use a white crayon during this activity, your kids eyes may pop out!


  • Paper
  • Water Color Paints (preferably dark colors)
  • Paint Brush
  • Crayons (preferably light color crayons, even white)

Water Color Resist With Crayons Step by Step

  1. Draw a picture on the paper with crayons.
  2. Now use water color to paint over the entire paper.

If you’re having trouble watching the video here, watch Water Color Resist With Crayons on YouTube!

We drew a Halloween night, but this activity will work on many other topics.

A Few More Ideas

  • Underwater scene with fish. Use all crayon colors, and blue water color for the water.
  • Sky scene. Use white crayons for clouds, other colors for birds, and blue water color for the sky.
  • Exploding fireworks. Use bright color crayons, and black water color for the night.
  • A secret note. Before starting this activity, take a white crayon and write a secret message to your kids. Do this without them knowing. Next have them paint dark water color over the paper to reveal the note.

Be sure to take pictures of your kid’s art, and submit it to our new gallery! <–Click

  • Beatrice

    Hello Rob and kids!
    I really enjoy watching your videos and gathering my little kids to copy your ideas! Unfortunately, I sometime have to keep some of these ideas for future activities and I would like to organize them on my pinterest as references and also to share your talents! Could you add a picture of the finished project to your blog for everyone to see and easier pin?
    Thank you for the time you are spending with your children. Home is where peace truly starts. And thank you for sharing your pleasure with us and getting me motivated to sit down and create with the people I enjoy the most. My kids.

    • Rob

      Hey Beatrice!

      Thank you so much for the input! I’m still trying to figure out Pinterest, I apologize for the lack of image on this post. That makes a lot of sense. I’ll get an image for this post soon! Plus, I’ll be sure to add a photo of the final results in the future.

      I really do appreciate the time you took to leave a comment and help us out.

      It makes our day, to hear from others and how they’re enjoying more time with their kids!

      Please stay in touch!

      Kind Regards,

      Rob and the kids :)

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